HandCash SMS verification is now global

HandCash has announced that its SMS verification is now available globally. Easily one of the leading crypto wallets, HandCash revolutionized the game by eliminating the complicated addresses associated with crypto and replacing them with easy to remember user-generated handles. And now, it allows you to easily migrate to the latest version using SMS verification.

HandCash announced the update on Twitter, revealing that its SMS provider had unlocked all countries from its high risk list after reviewing the company. The only country that’s still an exception is North Korea.

The SMS verification gives the HandCash users an increased level of security, especially in this era when crypto wallets are some of the most sought-after targets by hackers. Moreover, it allows HandCash to be able to account for its users which is critical now that more countries are cracking down on anonymity in the crypto industry.

Alex Agut, the co-founder and CEO of HandCash, explained why SMS verification is important, stating, “Because we need to know who’s behind each account for accountability and transparency purposes. We want to know who our customers are. Plus phone validation gives us many UI/UX features to make your life easier. Step by step!”

HandCash rolled out its version 2.0 a month ago after having been in beta for months. To migrate to the new version, users are required to download it from the App Store or the Play Store and after getting the migratory code, they can then move their funds to the new version. Since the new version was essentially rewritten from scratch, users can’t migrate saved contacts and must create new lists.

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