Handcash finally releases for iOS devices

Handcash finally releases for iOS devices

Bitcoin SV (BSV) users who are also iPhone users had a very nice surpise on October 8. After a long wait, Apple users can finally enjoy the fully upgraded HandCash wallet, as the popular BSV wallet is now available in the iOS app store.

As has been their habit, the HandCash team didn’t make too much of a fuss at the release initially. They actually haven’t made much of an announcement at all, preferring to wait for users to discover the app on their own.


They haven’t been entirely silent though, choosing to retweet the experiences of users who are now playing around with the BSV wallet and reminding everyone how to migrate to the new wallet, providing a link to a helpful walkthrough incase anyone was having difficulty with it:

Up until this big release, the HandCash app was in Beta, requiring some additional steps to get working on iOS devices. Alex Agut, CEO of the company, noted that they’ve been waiting nearly a month for this process to run its course.

Now that it has, those iPhone users, of which there are hundreds of millions, all have access to one of the best BSV wallets available. The easy to use app has been a favorite of many, and local meetups have often taken up the hobby of recruiting new users by showing them the functionality of the app.

iOS users, either if they had an older version of the app or are trying it for the first time, are getting their hands on features that Android users have had access to since September. Although they will have to potentially migrate to new $handles, the app has an upgraded user interface and bug fixes, making it one of the most professional and user centric wallets on the market for any digital currency.

If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s definitely worth checking out. Early user reviews are that the iOS version of HandCash was definitely worth the wait.

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