HandCash’s Brandon Cryderman on CoinGeek Weekly Livestream: Duro Dogs is designed for interoperability

HandCash’s Brandon Cryderman on CoinGeek Weekly Livestream: Duro Dogs is designed for interoperability

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The HandCash team always had apprehensions about tokens, says Brandon Cryderman, connect lead agent at HandCash. For his part, token technology is cool but it needs to have a use case. To explore options, Cryderman met with investor, token economist and software developer Jack Laskey, CEO of Unbounded Enterprise.

“He told me what he wanted to do,” Cryderman explains. “He really wants to focus on this digital goods service.”

Impressed with Laskey’s desire to create something that will go beyond a mere collectable or speculation, HandCash decided to partner with Laskey’s Unbounded Enterprise to create one of the newest NFTs to hit the marketplace, Duro Dogs.

On this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream, Cryderman talks to Kurt Wuckert Jr. about Duro Dogs and other new products about to be released by HandCash.

Built on the NFTY Jigs platform atop the Run Token Protocol, the application is the first game and first set of digital goods in the space. Cryderman describes Duro Dogs as “a tokenized dog on the BSV Blockchain that you’ll be able to see, be able to grow, you’ll be able to level up.” Unlike other NFTs, Duro Dogs is designed for interoperability. “That’s an endgame,” he points out. “It’s verifiable, it’s transferable between apps.”

In addition to Duro Dogs, HandCash plans to release Fiat Ramps, where users can purchase ‘Duros’ directly through their HandCash wallet. Cryderman likens the exchange to Haste with regard to its fast and instant transactions. He says with Fiat Ramps, “You’re going to be able to do KYC in about 30 seconds.” The small revenue generated from the exchange, as he mentions, will be used to reward people for promoting them. “The referral system will just be, let somebody know your handle, as soon as they top up, you get an instant revenue share.”

At the moment, HandCash is waiting for Fiat Ramps license to be approved. Nevertheless, Cryderman is certain to launch the exchange by years end, adding that it will be available in Europe, Mexico and several U.S. states. “The goal is to eventually get fiat ramps both on and off ramps so that people can put their money in and take their money out and in cash,” he notes.

As for HandCash’s future plans, Cryderman says the company wants to make its way into the gamer demographic. “We’re really going to be pushing in that direction because that’s where we feel we’re going to get the most users,” he points out.

Wrapping the discussion, Cryderman calls on game developers to check out HandCash SDK and to get in touch with him. “I can set you up with all the tools you need to make a really cool game,” he says. “We can set you up with a lot of users and you’ll be profitable very, very quickly.”

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