Greta Gawianski talks core benefits of blockchain at WiBS webinar

Greta Gawianski, director of the Blockchain Executive Program at Universidad of San Andrés (Argentina), took the virtual stage on Monday and presented at the Women in Blockchain (WiBS) event, titled “Introduction to Blockchain.”

Gawianski, who is also a partner at Briken, a blockchain startup that tokenizes real estate assets, was able to give the audience, especially blockchain newcomers, a great understanding of how blockchain works and how it will impact the internet and many industries on a daily basis.

What industries will be impacted the most?

Gawianski’s presentation started with an overview of blockchain technology and then transitioned into what industries will be impacted by blockchain the most. In regard to industries, Gawianski mentioned banking and money, logistics and supply chain, law, real estate, and charity.

When it comes to real estate, Briken, the company that Gawianski works with, let individuals invest in real estate by the square foot because they tokenize shares of property, which allows individuals to invest in fractions of property rather than the whole property upfront.

When the audience asked Gawianski which of the industries she mentioned that she believes blockchain will impact the most, Gawianski said, “Law, because the smart contracts can play a big role in that space, [especially] because the legal industry normally works with contracts. The finance industry can also be completely disrupted by the blockchain, and a lot of banks and governments are starting to think how they will create their cryptocurrency or how they will manage in this new economy.” Gawianski says she also sees blockchain being used to innovate processes like voting, and to secure documents like health care records.

Any industry that needs a permanent, non-editable, timestamped, verifiable, and secure record could potentially benefit from using a blockchain; because all of those features are inherent to blockchain transactions and a blockchain ledger.

To conclude the webinar, Gawianski gave a piece of advice to the audience, saying that now is the time to learn how Bitcoin and blockchain work, because doing so will give you a significant advantage in the future.

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