BSV is far superior technology according to Gregory

Gregory Ward on CoinGeek Weekly Livestream episode 25: ‘BSV is far superior technology’

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Gregory Ward describes himself as someone “with a lot of different passions.” His interest in Bitcoin began after somebody in a law group he belongs to, told him about a lecture on cryptography in London. Immediately, he took interest. “What really turned me on is this idea of empowerment to the rest of the world to have transaction capabilities where people couldn’t access in financial institutions.”

Inspired by this ideology, he involved himself in the digital currency space. He admits not knowing a lot about the technology at that time and bought several digital currencies based on people’s advice. It wasn’t until 2018, after acquiring a certification in web and app development and cybersecurity, that he discovered Bitcoin SV. “I started looking at Javascript and smart contracts and the first thing that came up on YouTube was Clemens Ley from Bitcoin computer described in 2018 Satoshi conference.” Interested to learn more about the technology, Greg contacted Ley. He said, it was out of his conversation with Ley that he realized, “BSV is far superior technology” compared to other blockchain networks.

Ward is currently the Chief Technology Officer at SmartLedger Solutions, a hybrid distributor that connects the business world through blockchain solutions, and the founder of DAPP Institute, a brand for decentralized applications on the BSV blockchain.

On this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream, Ward tells Kurt Wuckert Jr. that his biggest strength is in management and directing developers toward a goal. Greg discussed some of the projects he and his company are working on—, an invoice billing software and, a platform that allows users to connect their audiences.

The livestream was interrupted by breaking news as Kurt announces an ongoing “reorg attack” occurring on the BSV network. No other details were shared during the program apart from the official announcement from Bitcoin Association, stating they are aware of an active reorganizations attack on the BSV network. They noted that miners are actively responding to the situation and are working to defend the network. They advised people to watch out for further details, to be released as soon as they become available.

The conversation quickly deviated to Kurt giving his two cents on the reorganization attack, noting he has no clue of who could be behind it. The comments box filled up with questions about the news, with one asking if the attack was a malicious attempt to quash BSV. Kurt believes it could be similar to previous attacks where theft is the core issue. “I think it was actually as simple as it was just a crook like the last time it was it was a known long time ransomware scammer.”

Before Kurt shifted to an ‘Ask Me Anything’ format to address questions about the reorg, Greg left the audience with an insightful message, to which he said, “My hope is for BSV is that eventually truth will surface. My hope is that people will start to see real monetization capabilities with BSV that will change their lives in ways that other things can’t.”

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