On-chain voting launches on Gorilla DAO

On-chain voting has now launched on Bitcoin’s first-ever decentralized autonomous organization, Gorilla DAO. Ape token holders can now view, create and vote on other proposals.

Since launch, Gorilla DAO has been relying on a chat room on its website which members created to vote on proposals. DAO community manager Patrick Thompson has been coordinating most of this, as he revealed recently on the Bitstocks podcast. However, with the launch of the new system, Ape token holders will now be able to vote in an automated and transparent manner, all on-chain.

The voting system is made possible by BlockProof, a commercial underlying platform built by Stephen February. BlockProof seeks to help mobile apps and other services optimize their performance on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

The on-chain voting system will have a voting booth, proposal creation and proposal count as the first features. To get started on the on-chain voting, Ape token holders simply log into the ‘GorillaDAO’ workspace on BlockProof with their Money Button account. Users will have to select the token with which they seek to access the DAO, in this case the Ape token.

Once logged in, you can interact with the voting booth which is where you can create, view and vote on proposals. Once you create a proposal with an explanation on what it’s on, you get to choose how long it stays up, from one hour to a month. Here is a sample proposal:

On the polling station, you can vote for or against other proposals on the voting booth for 25 cents. Once the voting period ends, you get to reveal your vote, allowing the system to count the overall votes on that proposal. When you reveal your vote, your Ape tokens are calculated and tallied to reveal which way the Gorilla DAO is leaning on that particular proposal.

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