Goplandia Companions

Goplandia Companions are coming to the Metaverse

The Gopnik Project announced their final NFT mint, Goplandia Companions which will launch July 21 on RelayX. A total of 777 companion pets will be available for purchase with the expectation of utility in the Goplandia Metaverse game being developed by the team.

I interviewed the team to learn more about Companions and how they will integrate into the video game.

What are Goplandia Companions?

“Companions are your trustworthy help in navigating the world of Goplandia. Think of them like the secret weapon you wished you had when venturing into the unknown. 

This mint is also a way for new or old community members to support the project’s continued development while also getting in a Gop collection at mint prices.”

What unique traits will Companions have, and how will those affect the game?

“Some traits are stylistic, and some will have in-game perks that improve gameplay. E.g., The lightning could increase speed, making them quicker killers. We will clarify the information on each trait and the abilities they unlock for the player in due time.”

How will companions have synergy with other NFTs (Gopnikz, Slavettes, etc.)?

“On the one hand, Companions will help players get things done faster and in an easier way inside the game; on the other, they will first be capable of standalone NFT utility we will develop for them similar to Rugs & Slavettes.

They are opening up the possibility of future airdrops in relation to other collections using mechanics that push what we can do only here on BSV. Without saying too much about it, I’ll say one word: evolution.”

Why choose 777 as the supply?

“We like the lucky number, and it will fit well with what we have in mind.”

How do you address concerns with NFT inflation and wallet fatigue regarding other drops from the Gopniks team (Slavettes, Eggs, Munitions, Metagops, etc.)?

“We’ve always had a general direction in mind for the artistic and technical vision of the project and see all mints as core pillars necessary to complete this vision. While the available supply of all GOP NFTs raises with every mint, they are split into different types and classes of NFTs with purpose.

Gopniks always try to strike the perfect balance between supply and necessity; As for the supply concerns—the Slavettes have a diminished supply that people will likely want more of in the future; the Companion supply seems high in the current market. Still, they would become very scarce if our community only doubled in size.

We are careful not to over-extend the supply of our total NFTs while future-proofing the project and making it attractive for potential communities to form around each mint, helping and being ready for the eventual growth of the BSV community.”

Can you talk through how the recent crash in digital currency and NFT prices in an economic inflationary environment affect your decisions on the mint price and supply of Companions?

“This market created a lot of fear that hit many projects on various chains. We’ve seen that the BSV community is resilient, and the NFT market is readjusting rather than crashing. It is bullish to see that regardless of the BSV price action and general crypto market, this doesn’t stop development and progress from taking place.

There are a lot of intelligent and driven creators, flippers, artists, and developers already profoundly involved in this creative ecosystem, and we think they will step it up and adapt.

Our decision on the mint price and supply of the Companions was heavily affected by the current market, and we decided that this is the best approach without compromising on our Roadmap.”

When is the Goplandia game being released?

“Our goal is to deliver the best experience we can develop using the resources at hand, and there will be multiple stages of releasing the game before being made public.

We are aiming for a functional Multiplayer demo sometime in Q4. If you want to keep up to date with our progress, you can join our Discord or sign up for our newsletter.”

What would you like the audience to know about Companions?

“Companions and pets are a huge part of Slavic culture, and we couldn’t sleep on creating a way to integrate them into the whole Gopnik ecosystem.

It was a collection we have always wanted to create ever since the project started, so we’re thrilled we could make it happen.”

Thank you to the Gopniks team for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope the readers learned more about Goplandia Companions. Get yours at on July 21.

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