Going mainstream? Bitcoin makes it to John Cena’s Instagram

There’s no denying that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are steadily gaining the interest of people from all walks of life, so much so that even “You can’t see me” wrestler John Cena has seen it.

On Thursday morning, the professional wrestler, reality star and entertainer posted a stock image of Bitcoin to his 7 million Instagram followers, gaining 50,611 likes at press time with no further input from Cena himself. Although that’s to be expected, after all, the WWE wrestler’s bio stated that the images on his social network account “will be posted without explanation, for your interpretation. Enjoy.”

And enjoy they did.

This is the first time that Cena has showed an interest—at least on social media—in Bitcoin, but that attention is already enough to spark a discussion, particularly that of a possible short-term bubble. On Reddit, user LiThiuMElectro commented on the possibility of a “small bubble then a loss,” advising other users to “buckle your seat belts… and buy the dip in 7 days.”

For user h0us, the bubble may cause Bitcoin’s price to jump to $7,000 before collapsing to $5,500—still way above the current price level of $4,700. So his advice is to “buy now” as “the price now is lower than the dip.”

“The best time to buy Bitcoin was a few years ago, the second best time is always now,” the poster recommended.

Cena joins the long line of celebrities that have jumped aboard cryptocurrencies. Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather was recently reported promoting blockchain prediction platform Stox on his Instagram account, and even Mark Cuban, who previously said Bitcoin was in a bubble, announced he is participating in an ICO for esports betting operator Unikrn. There’s also Mike Tyson, who teamed up with Bitcoin Direct and launched the Mike Tyson Digital Wallet.

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