Genuine Retweets

Genuine Retweets: Influencer marketing comes to Bitcoin SV

Genuine Retweets is the first influencer-marketing platform built on Bitcoin SV (BSV). On Genuine Retweets, Twitter users get paid in Bitcoin for liking and retweeting messages.

“Businesses in need of engagement and growth approach us,” said Nicky Nu, the co-founder of Genuine Retweets. “The businesses provide a reward. The reward is taken by real users who support the particular cause in question, simply by engaging and supporting on social media. You’ll need to follow @GenuineRetweets on Twitter to get rewarded. The entire process is automated thanks to Genuine Retweets lead developer, Ben Skelton.”

Businesses use Genuine Retweets as a service to distribute their desired content to Genuine Retweet influencers. The business can even specify what kind of engagement they are looking for as well as what capacity they are looking for it in. 

Genuine Retweets then alerts its influencers of the job, and as soon as they fulfill the task they automatically receive payment in their BSV wallet. Genuine Retweets is currently compatible with Handcash CashTags and paymails, Money Button paymails, Centbee paymails, Simply Cash paymails, and RelayX paymail.

The reach that the Genuine Retweets influencer network has, as well as the value behind each like and retweet, makes Genuine Retweets a great service for businesses both inside and out of the blockchain and digital currency industry that are looking to expand and put their content in front of real audiences.

Battling bots

Beyond giving businesses a way to advertise and market, and giving social media users a way to become influencer marketers that get paid for engaging with their audience, Genuine Retweets protects businesses against the bots that plague social media platforms and provide low-value engagement.

“Genuine Retweets was inspired from an experience doing social media for TDXP,” said Nu.

“We were unable to avoid bots and spam through certain methods of promotion, both on Twitter and Telegram; [and] fake accounts and bots can quickly make a business look suspect. Once these latch on to a profile, online trust, and other sentiments can be affected.”

So Nu and Skelton set out to solve this problem.

“Each individual [influencer] account is vetted [on Genuine Retweets]. This is done with clients in mind. Although this particular role is time-consuming, we feel it is one of the most important roles,” said Nu.

“Our clients deserve a level of respect and quality which must be beneficial. Accounts must be real and they must demonstrate real engagement. It’s a tricky process when we have to turn down real accounts with tiny followings. If those accounts start to show the right signs, they can still join the party in the future.

“So far we have declined 260 accounts that may not be useful for our clients at present. Although slightly apologetic to the real rejected ones, we hope real rejected accounts understand it’s a business decision first. We must support businesses the best way.”

Similar to all social media marketing, not everyone can be an influencer. Influencer marketing is successful because individuals with large audiences, of real people, are able to push content to their audiences, which is of high value to the business that is advertising.

As a result, in an effective influencer marketing campaign, audience engagement tends to be high, and audiences are more likely to take action when they see content being pushed by accounts they respect and trust.

On the flip side, it is not valuable when their advertising efforts are seen by very few people, or promoted by individuals whose audiences do not engage with the messages they put out.

What’s next for Genuine Retweets?

“The goal for Genuine Retweets is to provide businesses with a working social media growth service that’s aligned with their individual growth needs,” said Nu. “We can already support short, medium, and long term social media growth strategies. Skelter and I will implement remarkable plans to further penetrate this market. We are keen to ensure each and every BSV business who works with us will prosper through the growth of their social media the right way.”

Genuine Retweets is one of the best ways for individuals with a significant sized following on Twitter to earn BSV by promoting content; it is also one of the best ways for businesses, especially new businesses, to get their content, products, and services in front of the eyes of individuals who will most likely be interested in using them.

Genuine Retweets is currently up and running. To learn more about Genuine Retweets, to become a Genuine Retweets influencer, or to advertise via Genuine Retweets, you should reach out to [email protected] or DM @GenuineRetweets on Twitter.

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