Game of Thrones star to serve as advisor for crypto startup

Game of Thrones star to serve as advisor for crypto startup

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A new cryptocurrency startup has been born and this one is targeting the vegan community. VeganNation is launching the VeganCoin and hopes to “create a strong global nation for vegans worldwide.” To help it reach its goal, it has tapped several celebrities, including one that has been mentioned every five minutes for the past two months. Jerome Flynn—aka Ser Bronn of the Blackwater in Game of Thrones or just Bronn—is now an advisor to VeganNation.

Flynn has been a “vegan influencer” for VeganNation since this past February, apparently, but there was never a big deal made out of it. He joins Jenna Dewan from Step Up and Ian Macfarlane of Cape town Medi-Spa, the first medical and wellness facility to launch in South Africa.

In speaking with CoinDesk, Flynn stated, “Vegan Nation is the basis of an international vegan economy … Live simpler, more economical, and better for the Earth and the soul of each of us. VeganCoin will allow many more to become vegans and thereby contribute to the reduction of our ecological footprint.”

VeganNation plans on achieving its global vegan invasion by forming a “cloud nation” of “hundreds of millions” of vegans. They will all use the VeganCoin, which will allow for an “incentive system, rewarding contribution and engagement.” Along with its other efforts, VeganNation also plans on using its solution to track food and other products in order to identify those that are legitimately vegan, while calling out those that aren’t.

Israel-based VeganNation is looking forward to Flynn’s involvement. It stated on LinkedIn, “We are thrilled to announce the partnership of ‘Games of Thrones’ star, British actor Jerome Flynn, joins the VeganNation initiative, creating an international vegan economy based on virtual currency, the VeganCoin.”

The use of celebrities to endorse cryptocurrency projects hasn’t always worked out the way the teams planned. Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled were fined $750,000 for plugging an illegal initial coin offering, but escaped harm from a private lawsuit. Steven Seagal learned that his martial arts talents wouldn’t save him from a fight with regulators last year. Others have succumbed, as well, so Flynn should be prepared to step lightly.

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