Future of Sports Conference proves blockchain interest in sports is soaring

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The Future of Sports Conference took place in Russia on February 14, bringing together stakeholders in the sports and blockchain industries. Organized by Bitcoin Association Ambassador for Russia, the CIS region and other Russian speaking communities Alexander Shulgin, the event was a huge success, with the attendees learning how Bitcoin SV is transforming sports by providing a scalable and immutable platform that’s unrivaled in the blockchain industry.

Several speakers took to the stage to discuss the integration of blockchain and sports. Toli Makris from Ex Sports spoke about bringing transparency to sports donations using blockchain, while kickboxing champion Zabit Samedov enlightened the attendees on how blockchain helps athletes like him.

Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen addressed the event, speaking about why BSV is the only blockchain that’s able to handle the needs of the sports industry. In an interview on the sidelines of the event with CoinGeek, he delved further into the benefits of integrating BSV with sports including provably fair results and cheap micro transactions.

The event was unique in that it focused on practical cases of blockchain technology, one of attendees told CoinGeek. It also had high quality speakers who are at the top of their fields.

Shulgin, who is the Bitcoin Association ambassador for Russia and the CIS region, explained to us that he chose to host the event in Russia as the region has become quite pivotal in the development of blockchain. He further hailed BSV as the perfect solution for enterprise needs.

The sports industry is already embracing blockchain technology as the various franchises seek to gain competitive advantage and interact better with their fans. Many of the biggest soccer clubs in Europe—from Barcelona to Juventus, PSG to Atletico Madrid—have integrated blockchain technology and issued fan tokens to their hundreds of millions of fans. Just recently, UEFA announced plans to use a blockchain mobile ticketing system for the upcoming Euro 2020 tournament. With all these developments in the sports industry, the Future of Sports Conference couldn’t have come at a better time.

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