Farm in One partners with Bitcoin SV wallet MetaStreme

High throughput wallet service MetaStreme latest blog post explores its business partnership with Farm in One, an application that offers a one-stop-shop for farming solutions.

Usually, farmers have to use a variety of applications to manage their irrigation automation, spray scheduling, mapping, monitoring, and other general tasks, however, Farm in One consolidates all of these tasks into one easy-to-use app.

Metastreme as a gateway

Fabian Gallo, the CEO of Farm in One, knows that blockchain technology will play an integral role in the future of agriculture, so he partnered with MetaStreme so that Farm in One could reap the benefits of technology.

Currently, Farm in One connects directly to weather stations to make data-based decisions. Therefore, the MetaStreme team proposed a proof-of-concept to Farm in One that will use MetaStreme as a gateway to the BSV network for the weather data collected and made available through WeatherSV.

Why MetaStreme?

MetaStreme is the leading service provider in Bitcoin when it comes to providing businesses with high throughput, cost efficiency, scalability, ease of integration, data serialization, and more. 

Recently, MetaStreme conducted a 1 million transaction stress test on the Bitcoin mainnet which showed the capabilities of its wallet. During the stress test, MetaStreme pushed roughly 970,000 transactions through the Bitcoin mainnet within 30 minutes (averaging around 600 tps).

MetaStreme aims to meet the needs of IoT devices, enterprise systems, and other high throughput applications that want to realize the inherent benefits of a public distributed ledger, which is why MetaStreme is the perfect fit for Farm in One.

The Farm in One application gathers data and then implements solutions based on its findings. Afterward, the application records the event while complying with all of the current production standards and legislation required. According to the MetaStreme blog, Farm in One:

“…directly contributes to maximizing a primary producer’s yields and profitability and minimizes the producer’s labor input, environmental demands, and potential damage by automating, managing and recording all farm tasks.”

Enterprise use of the Bitcoin blockchain

“Fundamental to the design of MetaStreme is the ability for applications such as Farm in One to seamlessly integrate with distributed ledger technology without needing to expand the current skill base of development staff,” according to the MetaStreme blog post.

MetaStreme makes it easy for enterprises, especially those not already familiar with blockchain, to implement the Bitcoin blockchain into their processes to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their business. MetaStreme’s wallet was designed to meet the demands of high volume transaction applications which makes it perfect for individuals inside and outside of blockchain to use. 

MetaStreme enables any application to interact with the BSV network via its API without requiring them to learn much about Bitcoin. If you are interested in using the MetaStreme API in your platform or service, you can learn more about the MetaStreme API or by contacting MetaStreme.

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