Tips and tricks for keeping your Bitcoin safe

Check out our useful tips and tricks below to make Bitcoin all the more easy to use:

  • Remember the old saying, don’t keep all your eggs in one basket? Well, that applies to Bitcoin as well. Make sure that your Bitcoin isn’t all kept in the same wallet. It’s always advisable to use multiple wallets to ensure your anonymity.
  • You should also consider using different kinds of wallet options such as desktop, mobile, web and hardware.
  • If you’re using an exchange like Coinbase or Circle, avoid storing your Bitcoin in an exchange wallet. Simply move your funds to a personal wallet.
  • Keep your private information, such as your private key and mnemonic key, in a safe place.
  • Use two way or two factor authentication when accessing your wallet. This verifies your identity and enhances your wallet’s security.
  • Don’t forget to continuously generate new wallet addresses and use them only once.

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