Slictionary Bounty

Fabriik’s record high Slictionary bounty

There are only a few days left to participate in Fabriik’s $20 word bounty on Slictionary. The individual who best defines the word/brand ‘Fabriik’ on Slictionary will be awarded $20 at the end of the voting period.

“Recently, Roy Bernhard was on the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream talking about the pronunciation of Fabriik, and whether it’s ‘fabric’ or ‘fabreek,’ and it essentially went off into, you know what, it’s whatever people want it to be and there is no right way to actually pronounce the name,” said Lior Cyngiser, the Head of Strategic partnerships at Fabriik’s Digital Objects department.

“We had the idea of, why don’t we support one of our long time partners (Slictionary) and throw out the term Fabriik as a word bounty to see what people come up with and what it means to them.”

Slictionary can be thought of as a new and improved version of urban dictionary, a platform where users define words and terms, and other users on the platform vote on definitions to decide which is best while learning more about a word in the process. However, on Slictionary, users have the opportunity to profit off of their activity on the platform.

How to bounty hunt!

Fabriik has set a new record with their $20 bounty. To date, there has not been a bounty with such a high price tag attached to it, which means Fabriik has set a record-high on Slictionary.

For a chance to win Fabriik’s $20 bounty, you can head over to and click on the word ‘Fabriik.’ After you create your definition and then swipe the Money Button to put your definition on-chain you will have a chance to win the bounty.

“The bounty ends 7 x 24 hours after the first definition was created. I’d have to look when someone first defined it last week, but I think there are another 2-3 days left,” said John Pitts (also known as Jack Pitts, or @EquityDiamonds on Twitter), the co-founder of Slictionary.

You will win if your definition receives the most upvotes; that being said, even if you are not interested in bounty hunting you may be interested in voting on the submissions.

“Word Bounty involves voting for the best definition,” said Pitts.

“1. go to

  2. swipe the Money Button for 1 penny to get to the definition for Fabriik and see the entries

  3. You can click on a single ‘lightbulb’ on the page, which is like a thumbs-up on other social media pages, only ours pays 70% of the penny seek-fee to the WordSmith. But in this case, it also improves the ranking for the definition and helps push it to the top of the stack so it’s the MOST visible definition on the page.”

Tips from the team

Several individuals are hunting the $20 bounty; however, no responses have stood out to the Fabriik team yet.

“From the responses that we have seen, people have basically taken what’s on the website but we’re really looking for a bit more creativity, ingenuity. Let’s see what else they come up with,” said Cyngiser.

“We were hoping for an outlier, a left-field type of definition of what people could come up with. For example, we get a lot of questions like why are there two ‘i’s’ in the name Fabriik, and what does it stand for, and is there an actual underlying meaning behind it and really we are opening it up to the marketplace to see what Fabriik stands for and how playful and creative we can get in terms of what it resonates in people and it all stems from the pronunciation or the mispronunciation of ‘is it ‘fabric’ or is it ‘fabreek,” and does it depend on where you are in the world? There isn’t really a right way to pronounce it so let’s have fun with it.”

You will have a competitive edge if your definition comes directly from your mind without external influences. It could even help to answer the question through the lens of what Fabriik means to you or what Fabriik has done for you.

If you were not able to hunt this bounty for whatever reason, do not worry, there is a good chance that Fabriik will do another bounty on Slictionary if they see demand for it. Beyond that, Fabriik has set a bar in regard to the bounties on Slictionary, and other companies may now be incentivized to hop on Slictionary, put a bounty online, and push that bar higher.

“Right now Word Bounty is just for sponsorship–and Fabriik putting up $20.00 for people to define “Fabriik” is a way to advertise without being in-your-face,” said Pitts.

What’s next for Slictionary?

Slictionary has a lot of new features in the pipeline, according to Pitts.

“We’re working on something called “patronage” where any Bounty > $1.00 will also place the Bounty-issuer’s Money Button handle inside the actual definitions created by the Bounty. This way you get credit on the definitions itself, in addition to credit on just the Word Bounty page,” he said.

“By September we’ll add on top of that, such that > $2.00 bounties will allow the bounty-issuer to become an owner of the definitions—thus also receiving 100% of the vote-revenues in perpetuity. This will be when it gets REALLY interesting.”

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