Expo-Bitcoin International 2019: 200 businesses to accept Bitcoin SV

Expo-Bitcoin International 2019: 200 businesses to accept Bitcoin SV

The Expo-Bitcoin International 2019 is going to be a world class showcase of the best the Bitcoin world has to offer. Besides an impressive roster of speakers, the conference is set to show the world that Colombia can bring big businesses to the world of Bitcoin.

The conference will span five days, from June 19 to 23, in Bogotá, Colombia. It will be hosted by the Corferias, the international convention center that has hosted events since 1954.

One of the key features of the conference will be The Marketplace, an exposition of over 200 commercial stands offering products for sale exclusively with Bitcoin SV (BSV). It will be a great chance for visitors, of which 25,000 are now expected, to experience a new way of doing commerce with the only digital currency built to massively scale to the needs of these businesses.

The Bitcoin Arena, a 2,000-seat venue, will be the place for attendees to gather and watch the brightest minds of the BSV world discuss Satoshi’s vision, and what’s coming next on the BSV blockchain. As the conference states:

“In the Expo-Bitcoin Arena, we brought the most influential minds of our time in this matter to unveil the true power and purpose of this Bitcoin Technology, Metanet, and the future of the Internet of value with Bitcoin. Also, we will turn on a lighthouse for the governments around the world, so they can adapt and survive, and reach the safe haven of this peaceful Economic and Social revolution.”

Expo-Bitcoin International 2019 is operated by Bitek, the Colombian cryptocurrency payment processor. They have been a firm believer in the original Satoshi Vision, and have advocated for a better education of digital currencies in Colombia for some time now.

The conference, which will be held every two years going forward, looks like its set to achieve that goal. With hands-on opportunities to use BSV, and five full days of speakers to talk about the possibilities offered to businesses and customers by using Bitcoin, attendees will find there’s a lot to take away.

If you want to join those 25,000 attendees in attendance, it’s not too late. Get your tickets now so you can have a chance to learn about BSV and find out all the ways it can change the future.

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