Everball’s Dr. Chen Liu on how blockchain provides transparency needed in lottery

Everball’s Dr. Chen Liu on how blockchain provides transparency needed in lottery

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Everball is looking to revolutionize the soccer gaming industry with the help of blockchain. In this interview with CoinGeek.com, Dr. Chen Liu, adviser of Everball, discusses how the technology is the winning card for the lottery sector.

She explained, “Because everything is automated by the smart contract so all the process including the issuance of the ticket, the sales of the ticket, who wins, and then the prize and the prize distribution is all automated by the smart contracts, so by doing that, there’s no room for human manipulation. Everything is on chain and will be permanently recorded on the chain, so that’s I see the most benefit to the lottery system.”

The lack of transparency is one of the major problems with lottery, according to Liu, which is why Everball is punting on blockchain “to provide the transparency” that the sector needs.

“Everball’s first attempt was to move the offline to online, but we don’t want to stop at just the online,” she said. “We’re looking for a way to provide more transparency into this lottery system so we choose blockchain, it’s just one way for us to provide the transparency needed.”

Everball is a blockchain-based lottery system, developed in coordination with the Glasgow Global Group for its Brazil bonded soccer lottery. According to Liu, Glasgow, which was been selling the tickets offline, is moving online via the Everball project. She explained:

“Even with online lottery, it takes time for the winner to get their prize because number one, they need to validate whether you really win, and number two, they need to wire the money. By using the cryptocurrency on our platform or in general, by using the cryptocurrency, it’s a faster payment, it’s an easy validation process. That we see are the two killer applications, or two most important uses of blockchain in the lottery system, plus you’re able to build a lot of community, a large community using the blockchain.”  

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