Easiest way to store web pages permanently on BSV

Etched Page review: Easiest way to store web pages permanently on BSV

Remember that one time when you tried to watch a video on the internet but it had already been taken down? What if it’s possible to archive that video forever and be able to access it whenever you please? Well, it is. Etched Page is ensuring that web content is available forever, and it’s using the immutable Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain to do it.

Etched Page is an internet archive tool that permanently timestamps and stores web pages directly into the Bitcoin BSV blockchain.

Web archiving has become increasingly important, especially with the rapid spread of fake news. By having a permanent record of a web page, internet users can be able to access genuine information that hasn’t been altered, getting to know who said what, when and where.

And while there have been several efforts to improve web archiving, the existing solutions all suffer from the same challenge: the centralization of the information. Any web archiving organization is solely in control of all the information that it archives. This means that if the organization were to go down, or the servers were compromised, all the information would go down as well.

Etched Page solves this challenge by turning to the superior BSV blockchain for web archiving. All the etched pages are permanently stored and independently provable by anyone who has access to the BSV blockchain. Even if Etched Page were to go down, the information would be forever available on the blockchain.

The use of blockchain technology also assures the user that the archived information hasn’t been tampered with. With advances in technology making it extremely easy to doctor text, image or video information, such as through the use of deep fakes, blockchain technology introduces the much-needed protection against such manipulation.

The use of BSV ensures that the entire process is very cost-efficient. One BSV can archive up to 100,000 web files as the transaction costs are extremely low. The low fees enable you to archive all sorts of information, whether it’s crucial information about your business or a family recipe.

To archive a web page, just head on to the Etched Page homepage, enter the URL of the page you wish to archive and save the page. The etched pages are viewable publicly on Bitcoin browsers such as Bottle.

Saving pages on Etched Page also gives you the chance to earn in BSV. All web pages saved via the service are automatically posted on Bitstagram and any tips from other users are paid directly to that user who saved the page.

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