Eman Pulis sets the stage for Malta AI and Blockchain Summit 2019

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The third edition of the Malta AI and Blockchain (AIBC) Summit will take place on November 7-8 in Malta, and promises to be the best show ever. The AIBC Summit was so popular and widely attended in 2018 that a second event was held six months later in May, followed by another summit in November.

Despite a number of important activities going on across the globe, the May event was attended by over 5,500 people—and the upcoming November show’s gearing up to be even bigger. In an interview with Becky Liggero, SiGMA CEO Eman Pulis talked about how the AIBC Summit is combining two widely different industries to show how they work together: “We’re trying to marry two completely different verticals hoping that they cross-pollinate between themselves. So, during the same week in November, we have a medical cannabis show and the blockchain-AI show.”

This may seem like a true odd couple, but the SiGMA CEO explained that there is a need to integrate this product and this technology, especially at the government level. “Why did we do this? Because a lot of investors who have been smitten in the past by ICOs are looking at a more secure investment and that’s where medical cannabis comes in, but also governments are looking to implement blockchain technology to trace medical cannabis from seeds to patient. So, I think no one was wise to be in a position to offer those two verticals, the cross-pollination that we will do in November.”

The November edition of AIBC Summit, which promises to move “beyond the hype,” pools speakers from just about every field in the tech and finance industries. Some of the speakers at the upcoming event include Deloitte CEO Malcolm Booker, BitBay Financial Director Pawel Sobkow, and Genesis Mining CEO Marco Streng, among others.

Book your ticket today and secure your chance to be part of the Malta AIBC Summit that will take place at the InterContinental on November 7-8.

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