Elizabeth White: Helping merchants join the Bitcoin vision

A huge part of making Bitcoin SV (BSV) the new currency of exchange for the world is in developing real world ways for users to spend it. Thankfully, we have The White Company, led by Elizabeth White, creating those opportunities. She joined our Becky Liggero at the recent CoinGeek Toronto 2019 scaling conference to discuss what her company’s working on.

Things move fast in the world of BSV, and the White Company is no exception. They’ve added a lot of new features since we last caught up with them. “We’re very excited to be here, and we have a lot of exciting things happening with BSV,” she said. “Since we were in London, we’ve added ten currencies on our White Wallet platform. You can now offload into INR, BRL, I mean we have the Indian Rupee and the Brazilian Rial, but then when you look at that, we have CAD, AUD, WON, I mean everything, we’re actually adding Korean Won now to our wallet because everyone is going to solve for the next CoinGeek.”

The addition of so many new currencies helps create new onramps for new users into the world of BSV, thus making adoption much easier. That sets them up to try out amazing services like the social media platform Twetch, or image sharing site Bitstagram

This has added up to an impressive number of partners, and one U.S. Presidential hopeful at the time we spoke with White. “So we have over 4000 merchants accepting BSV globally, and we’ve had some recent awesome announcements with Congressman Eric Swalwell accepting BSV for campaign donations for his Democratic 2020 Presidential Campaign,” White told us.

The future of BSV has never looked brighter, and the White Company is a huge part of that outlook by creating easier methods for businesses to accept BSV payments. “I think we see more merchants accepting the cryptocurrency payment gateway,” she told Liggero. “We also see lending, rewards, other things that incentivize customers, as well as merchants, to accept the BSV.”

Watch Elizabeth White’s presentation at the CoinGeek Toronto 2019:

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