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EHR Data CoinGeek Live 2020 sponsor spotlight

Healthcare technology firm EHR Data is developing a “real-time single source of truth” for opioid prescriptions in the United States. Recently, CoinGeek had the chance to talk with its Chief Scientist and Consultant Ron Austring, exploring what EHR Data is, how it works, who it is the perfect fit for, as well as what Austring looks forward to at the upcoming CoinGeek Live conference.

Austring is also returning to the CoinGeek Conference stage for EHR Data’s “The First Healthcare Data Platform Using the Bitcoin SV Blockchain” presentation on October 1st.

For those who are unfamiliar with your work, what does EHR Data do?

We are putting data back where it belongs: in the hands of the person. We are building a global healthcare database that will receive information from data providers and then securely make that data available only to the person who owns it. The individual owns it.

How does EHR Data use Bitcoin? 

All healthcare data is written to the Bitcoin SV blockchain, which will function as an immutable, auditable, and trusted database. As a trusted database, the Bitcoin SV blockchain will also act as a data-bus to move data originating in one EHR Data data-center to all other EHR Data data-centers operating throughout the world.

How do you envision your EHR Data being used?

We envision our platform being used through:

  1. Our Application Program Interface (API), which is hosted as a cloud-based service, and will act as the only method that data consumers and data providers can interact with our system. When data is ‘provided’ to our service, from a ‘data provider’, the provider is entitled to a royalty when that data is permissioned by the patient to be accessed and used by a ‘data consumer.’ The patient always maintains ownership of their data and is always in control of who has access to that data.
  2. Our mobile applications, which are clients of our API, provide a user interface to healthcare providers and patients.

The goal is for patients to have direct access to all of their healthcare information in the form of an easy-to-use mobile application and be able to share that data with other permissioned users and entities to the benefit of the person/patient.

 Who is EHR Data the perfect fit for and why?

Our platform is the perfect fit for people who want easy access to all of their medical information and are tired of others controlling access to and profiting from their data. It’s the perfect fit for healthcare providers aiming to help people achieve optimal health outcomes while keeping the patient safe and secure. It’s also a great fit for drug manufacturers, clinical researchers, and public health officials to gain access to the data they need to provide better services, find cures to diseases, and better manage public health crises.

What is the EHR Data team currently working on?

We are building an API to manage data providers and data consumers, a mobile application that will be person-facing, and interfacing with the USA adjudication switches.

What is your favorite thing about CoinGeek Conferences?

I enjoy learning what others are doing in the industry and how BSV technology is being used today. It’s amazing how creative each business is in their unique use of the technology.

What do you look forward to in the upcoming CoinGeek Live Conference?

I look forward to learning about new use cases for BSV, tokenization, the new token from TAAL, and being inspired from all the great sessions.

What are your must-see presentations in the three-day conference?

The TAAL presentation, Craig Wright’s presentations, Steve Shadders’ presentations, if I have to limit myself to three.

Why did EHR Data decide to sponsor CG Live?

CoinGeek allows us the unique opportunity to exchange ideas with other Bitcoin SV companies and enthusiasts. We trust in and believe the Bitcoin SV community is the right grassroots environment for the movement of patient data ownership.

What can the audience expect/look forward to regarding the upcoming EHR Data CoinGeek Live presentation (EHR Data: The First Healthcare Data Platform Using the Bitcoin SV Blockchain)?

The audience can expect to learn more about who we are as a company and the paradigm shift that’s occurring within the healthcare industry when it comes to sharing data. They can also look forward to seeing a deeper dive into the details of our platform and mobile application. We’re excited for this opportunity to get people amped up about owning their health!

If there’s anything you want to add, please feel free to share.

Think about your family. Think about your loved ones. That’s who we’re thinking about: Our aim is to be responsible stewards of your most private data—your health data. The Bitcoin SV blockchain allows us to ensure the person’s health data is unalterable, secure, and auditable.

Make sure you tune into CoinGeek Live on October 1st so that you don’t miss the EHR Data presentation! If you have not already registered for CoinGeek Live or are looking for the full agenda, you can find more information here.

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