Dragon SV Casino from BitBoss launches Bitcoin gambling on Android

BitBoss has been hard at work to deliver a great gambling experience on Bitcoin SV (BSV) to the world, and customers can now get it in their hands. Dragon BSV Casino has launched on Android devices, giving gamblers a whole new way of experiencing BSV gaming at home or on the go.

The BitBoos took to Twitter on July 28 to make their big announcement:

At launch, Dragon BSV has two of the more popular casino games in the world to play: Roulette and Baccarat. It teases that Blackjack is the next game to come. Judging from their website, Sic Bo might be the next game down the line, as it’s pictured in promotional materials, and a peek at the BitBoss site indicates we might be able to expect lottery games and sports betting on their roadmap as well.

“We are always expanding this library so you can add, remove, or trade out games anytime to make your own personal casino more enjoyable,” their website notes.

Android users will notice that installing the app is fairly easy. It’s simply a matter of installing the .APK file and, once the app is ready to launch, creating or restoring a BSV wallet. Impressively, the wallet doesn’t let you finish the process until you’ve proven you can back it up, if the worst should happen. That’s an improvement on most digital currency wallets we’ve seen.

Those with iPhone will have to wait a bit to try it out. They promise it is “Coming soon to Apple iOS.”

As BitBoss has promised in the past, this BSV experience is user friendly and keeps most of the digital currency in the background. While you play, all funds are displayed in a fiat currency of choice, with the app doing the conversion math in the background for you.

And the focus appears to very much be on providing the user a fun, trustworthy experience. Their website notes:

“You just enjoy the game. And blockchain keeps a record of every single transaction, so there will always be an immutable record of everything.”

And provably fair gameplay is a big part of that. If the ball lands on red a little more than you think it should, or the Dealer seems to be unbeatable, you’ll always have access to test the random seed for yourself. They explain how BSV makes this possible:

“Blockchain encryption allows us to generate the secret outcome of the next round, and gives you access to it before you bet. That guarantees the game cannot possibly change the outcome to disadvantage you based on your bets. After each round, you receive the key to unlock the secret and prove the game was unbiased and legitimate every time. So you can safely enjoy gambling for actual cash, knowing that the casino always plays fair, and you can prove it.”

For other games developers and operators looking to get into the action, another visit to BitBoss’ website details some of the code they used to create this app, and how it was accomplished entirely on the BSV blockchain, thanks to its ability to massively scale, transmit data and keep costs low. They may be able to help you accomplish your goals too.

Due to current regulations in the gambling space, the app isn’t yet available everywhere. Players from the U.S., France, Hong Kong and other countries will receive a message that they are geo-blocked if they try to play any of the games right now.

But for those who can try it, it’s definitely worth a peak. BitBoss is bringing some of our favorite games to the Bitcoin SV blockchain, and BSV gambling to the world.

This article first appeared on CalvinAyre.com.

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