CG Backstage with Domen Osojnik

Dr. Craig Wright has the most comprehensive IPv6 lectures: nChain’s Domen Osojnik

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The aim of Dr. Craig Wright’s The Bitcoin Masterclasses is to educate the world on Bitcoin and how it integrates with emerging technology such as multicast and IPv6. Domen Osojnk, a nChain front-end developer, was at the second workshop in Slovenia, and as he tells CoinGeek Backstage, Dr. Wright’s lectures are the most comprehensive on IPv6.

Osojnik is based in the nChain office in Maribor, the second-largest city in Slovenia. While he is a big fan of Dr. Wright and has watched many of his speeches and lectures online, The Bitcoin Masterclasses in Ljubljana offered the first opportunity to meet Satoshi.

Speaking to CoinGeek Backstage reporter Becky Liggero, Osojnik said Dr. Wright was as engaging and insightful as he expected.

“He’s very enthusiastic and it’s pretty cool seeing him live…a very cool guy,” he stated.

A front-end developer himself, Osojnik was familiar with technologies such as multicast and IP2IP. However, he revealed that he learned a lot from Dr. Wright’s deep dive into IPv6 and how it integrates with Bitcoin.

“Everything I learned here today [on IPv6] is pretty much new to me—it’s a whole new experience. And to put it together with blockchain, that’s something new,” he said.

In his Masterclasses, Dr. Wright has been breaking down the audience into groups to discuss various topics, including brainstorming on applications of multicasting, IPv6, IP2IP, and other technologies with Bitcoin.

Osojnik was charged with presenting for one of the groups, and while he says it was a bit of a challenge as English isn’t his native language, he soldiered on and delivered.

You can watch the Bitcoin Masterclasses by Dr. Wright on the CoinGeek YouTube channel.

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