Amaury Séchet and Dr. Craig Wright to participate in separate Q&A's on Friday

Dr. Craig Wright, Amaury Séchet to participate in separate Q&As

According to a post on Reddit, Bitcoin ABC developer Amaury Séchet will be available to talk Bitcoin BCH. User E7ernal, a founding moderator of the r/GoldandBlack subreddit, announced the upcoming “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) event featuring Séchet, scheduled for Sept. 14 at 12 US Eastern Time.

The post reads, “Amaury will be joining us to answer your questions about his involvement with Bitcoin Cash, Anarcho-capitalism and the greater liberty movement, and whatever else you want to ask!”

Séchet, often dubbed “The Benevolent Dictator” of Bitcoin ABC, has been a popular topic in Bitcoin BCH circles for several months and has been involved with the cryptocurrency from the start. He has repeatedly shown support of a pre-consensus solution, through which crypto miners would reduce the rate of orphaned blocks in an organized fashion. This move is seen by many as an example of the unnecessary changes some wish to thrust upon the Bitcoin BCH network, while not lending any new advantages.

The AMA should prove to be interesting, at the very least, and will certainly draw questions from a number of angles.

Dr. Craig Wright will also be the subject of a Question & Answer (Q&A) session, although the platform is yet to be determined. Reddit user “Marlab999” started a thread soliciting questions for the Q&A, writing, “I am preparing a Q and A with CSW: Let me know what do you want to ask him.” Marlb999 added, “No obvious troll questions or anything related to altcoins or anything silly.”

Some of the questions could prove to be enlightening. One responder added the question, “You could ask him when will SV feature solutions to bottlenecks to scaling, such as parallelization of the mempool code and block validation,” while another asks, “Does he not have fear about the delay or destroy of the merchant adoption because of the current drama and a possible chain split?”

As usual, however, not everyone knows how to read properly. One simpleminded troll added, “Who’s the biggest fraud in crypto and why is it him.” Another simply asked, “why Windows?”

AMAs and Q&As like these are the best way to learn more about the inner workings of the cryptocurrency industry. They’re a valuable tool that help clear confusion and help the community understand what is going on. Of course, only if they’re used intelligently.

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