Digital asset security firm CYBAVO announces support for Bitcoin SV

CYBAVO has become the latest player in the sector to onboard Bitcoin support. On Thursday, the digital asset security and management firm announced support for Bitcoin SV (BSV) across its entire suite of enterprise products.

Offering a range of services for digital asset management, including secure storage and custody as well as enterprise-level banking support for digital currencies, the move from Taipei-based CYBAVO is expected to provide its clients with BSV infrastructure across the full range of their product offering—a big move according to Bitcoin Association Southeast Asia Manager, Ella Qiang.

“CYBAVO is one of the few enterprise-grade wallet providers that implement MPC with threshold signature scheme, which echoes the wallet security approach as seen in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem,” she said.

“Now with CYBAVO’s support of Bitcoin SV, businesses and enterprises have a new option for secure and user-friendly key management solution.”

This support will allow more institutions to access BSV, expanding the possibilities open to firms working with CYBAVO in developing BSV technologies and facilitating payments.

Paul Fan, CEO of CYBAVO, said the decision to onboard BSV support is the result of a shared vision for a scalable, business-ready blockchain solution.

“Bitcoin SV aims to broaden the adoption of blockchain for enterprise use cases.. At CYBAVO, we share the same vision of scalable and business-ready blockchain solutions that spark adoption by enterprises and the general public, so it is only logical for us to add Bitcoin SV support to our digital asset custody platform CYBAVO VAULT and our mobile wallet SDK.”

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen said the support for BSV comes at a time of increasing global demand for digital asset security and management.

“With the continued growth that we are witnessing across the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, enterprise-grade solutions for digital asset security and management, like those offered by CYBAVO, will be increasingly in demand. As big businesses build their applications on Bitcoin SV because of its massive scaling capacity, they will generate high volumes of BSV microtransactions and need secure wallets to manage high coin traffic in daily operations. We are pleased that CYBAVO is providing Bitcoin SV businesses another strong option for their security and asset management needs.”

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