CryptoCompare unveils new benchmark for digital asset exchanges

Cryptocurrency data and indices platform CryptoCompare has published its new benchmark for digital asset exchanges, in a bid to bring more clarity and transparency to the cryptocurrency sector.

CryptoCompare said the Exchange Benchmark was a response to allegations of widespread so-called “wash trading” and fake transaction volumes which are being used by some exchanges to artificially inflate trading levels. Its new benchmark ranking assesses exchanges against a number of criteria, analyzing the reliability of the 100 foremost cryptocurrency exchanges.

After recent reports from Bitwise suggested as much as 95% of bitcoin trading volumes may be being generated artificially, the CryptoCompare solution is a timely arrival for users looking to land on a reliable platform.

CryptoCompare’s own studies show significant growth amongst lower quality exchanges, which have increased market share by almost 33% over the past year.

CryptoCompare co-founder and CEO Charles Hayter said the benchmark was a tool for shining a light on dubious goings on in the cryptocurrency sector: “In response to industry concerns over inflated, misleading exchange volumes and the lack of reliable metrics for assessing cryptocurrency exchanges, we are excited to launch the CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmark.”

The benchmark ranking combines over 30 qualitative and quantitative criteria for assessing different cryptocurrency exchanges.

A post on the CryptoCompare website explains the basis used for drawing up the rankings:

“Employing both a qualitative (due diligence) and quantitative (market quality based on order book and trade data) approach, the product does not hinge on aggregate volume data but, rather, uses correlation-of-volume-to-volatility and standard-deviation-of-volume as inputs to CryptoCompare’s 30+ metrics. This is due to existing issues with volume manipulation, wash trading and trading incentives.”

Coinbase scored most favorably as number 1 on the list, with an overall score of 60.3, followed by Poloniex and Bitstamp in second and third places, respectively.

BitFlyer, Liquid and itBit complete the list of exchanges to carry AA grading, the highest possible score awarded through the new benchmark.

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