Crypto wallet BRD launches wire transfer platform with Wyre

Crypto wallet BRD launches wire transfer platform with Wyre

On Thursday, BRD announced that they had partnered with Wyre on a wire transfer platform that will allow customers in the United States to purchase digital currencies using the standard bank transfer process. The platform will be supported by over 1,700 banks within the U.S., according to the company.

This is another big step forward for BRD. They had already established themselves as a secure digital wallet, with over 2 million customers in 170 different countries across the globe. Plus, their numbers have been dramatically rising recently. BRD has also claimed to have doubled the number of transactions they have processed related to crypto assets in the last four months alone.

Wyre has also built up quite a reputation. According to reports, they have traded over $3.5 billion in crypto assets and have added $1 billion in commercial FX payments. Their ability to establish relationships with banks in over 50 countries has made them one of the leaders in digital asset transfers.

The new platform will be especially enticing for BRD customers. They will now allow consumers in the United States to transfer assets into and out of banks, while not having to pay high fees as part of the conversion and transfer. This has become a big selling point for the company.

The new platform will allow customers at BRD to purchase cryptocurrencies such as SegWitCoin BTC, ETH, or Dai, simply by connecting their bank account to the digital wallet. According to the release, this can be accomplished in less than five minutes, allowing traders to make quick transactions while still providing the highest level of security.

“We’ve consistently heard from U.S. customers about the frustrations regarding the lack of innovation and simplification from current market leaders, namely Coinbase,” explained Aaron Lasher, chief strategy officer and co-founder of BRD. “While more well-funded players have become more custodial and centralized, BRD has remained unwavering in its mission to bring the core value of the blockchain to the masses: Decentralized and Inclusive.”

For BRD, this move should help to keep them ahead of competitors such as Breadwinner AG. The Swiss-based company had made BRD their prime target in terms of competition, and hope that funding they received in January would help them to be able to more actively compete against the latter.

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