Crypto market daily report – June 11, 2019

Crypto market daily report – February 18, 2019

The cryptocurrency market is in full recovery mode on Monday with the vast majority of all the major coins showing substantial to modest increases. The chief mover in all this was Ethereum (ETH), which was up by a considerable 11% to the $138 mark as bulls seem to have finally entered the market. Bitcoin Core (BTC) was also up to over the $3750 level—a more modest increase of 2.6%.

Other coins which saw considerable increase were Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC) and Bitcoin SV (BSV), with jumps of 7 and 4% respectively. Cardano was also up by around 4% to the $0.042 level, and this is a price that has not been seen for over a month. It does seem that the market has gone moderately bullish in the past few days, similar to what several analysts have been predicting of late after a rather torrid December and January when prices sunk to an all-time low in several cases. EOS was also up by around 3.5% to the $2.95 level, whilst the BitTorrent token also saw a similar increase.

Litecoin (LTC) continued to hold on to the gains it established in the past few days and traded at a monthly high of around $44.50 or a 1.5% increase. The only outlier in this sea of green was NEO, which was down by a similar percentage to the $8.43 mark although to be fair, the Chinese currency had been increasing considerably of late especially in the wake of its DevCon in Seattle. Binance Coin also continued increasing with a 4% rise to the $9.35 mark, whilst Ripple also saw a 3% rise to jump slightly over the $0.31 mark. The latter currency has seen some considerable controversy of late with the rival JPMorgan Coin creating a rival in the banking sector although the XRP coin seems to have settled in this price range.

Other coins with smaller market caps saw variable fortunes, although the majority seemed to be on the up. Stellar again regained the $0.08 level on the back of a 3% increase, whilst Ethereum Classic was up by 3% to the $4.20 level. IOTA was up by 1.5% to the $0.28 level whilst WAVES rose with a similar leverage to the $2.65 mark.

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