Crypto Evolved 2019 brings innovators to New York

Crypto Evolved 2019 brings innovators to New York

The Crypto Evolved Conference 2019, an event dedicated to the development of the institutional digital asset market, is just around the corner. The conference will take place in Convene, New York on June 25, and is set to attract senior representatives from traditional Wall Street firms to Silicon Valley.

Crypto Evolved Conference 2019 Agenda seeks to promote the concept that “Data is the new oil,” which will be moderated by Brad Levy, the Global Head of Loans and CEO of MarkitSERV, HIS Markit. Addressing several aspects in the field, the conference will highlight the importance of high quality data in the development of any modern financial market.

As part of the agenda, members will discuss on the current state of data in crypto markets. These discussions will further highlight the tools and solutions currently available to better the market. In addition, market enthusiasts will outline whether getting a head start gives you an edge as a player.

Gracing the occasion are more than 20 keynote speakers who are revolutionizing crypto markets. Look out to hear from Timothy G. Massad, the former chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and current Adjunct professor of Law at Georgetown Law School; and David Mercer, CEO of LMAX Exchange Group. Colleen Sullivan who is the CEO of CMT Digital Holdings, Chris Brummer the founder of Fintech Week, and Sunayna Tuteja who is the head of digital assets and blockchain at TD Ameritrade will also be attending.

Found President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen will be speaking on the topic, “Link in the Chain.”

Sponsoring the conference as some key players in the industry including Bitcoin Association, LMAX Digital, ErisX, Omega One, BitGo, and Seed CX.

The program for the day is provided so attending members can follow keenly. Get your tickets here, and link up with some of the greatest minds focusing on Institutional crypto market.

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