Crypto Club Japan’s Toyokazu Shibata: Spreading crypto awareness

Crypto Club Japan’s Toyokazu Shibata on spreading crypto awareness

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Having a group of experts to look out for a country’s best interests can make a huge difference in this fast changing cryptocurrency industry. Thankfully for Japan, the Crypto Club Japan is doing just that, and business leader and manager of the Club, Toyokazu Shibata, joined’s Stephanie Tower to talk about the group’s mission.

The Club hasn’t been around terribly long, but their focus is in keeping Japan and the industry’s best interests at heart. “Crypto Club Japan was established in January 2018, objective in Japan is to grow our cryptocurrency community in Japan and also introduce overseas and also Japanese projects to the Japanese members,” said Shibata.

Japan has had many challenges with the cryptocurrency, most memorably with the downfall of the Mt. Gox exchange. Still though, the club is focused on delivering information and finding use cases. “Right now, in Japan, the challenges are not just investing but also spreading the awareness and knowledge of blockchain technology and how to utilize it in Japan,” the club manager told us.

Getting more people involved and aware in crypto can be done in many different ways, and the club uses as many as it can. “How we raise the awareness is that, using the internet, we spread out information to our members, and also through offline seminars and offline webinars, we provide information to the members widely,” he noted. “And for the overseas projects that we have, we have to go through the details first, and then we will go through the validation process, and make sure it has a future to its project and will introduce to the members.”

A key message Shibata wants Japanese crypto fans to understand is that the future of the industry isn’t just in investment and watching prices fluctuate, but in how the technology can change the world. He concluded, “It is not just investing, we have to know what is necessary and what brings us the future. So that is the big insight that we have to have.”

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