Craig Wright: 2019 was a Year of Truth

It’s been an incredible year for Bitcoin, as several key achievements have allowed it to re-align with its whitepaper and achieve massive scaling in its current form, Bitcoin SV (BSV). This has all been accomplished with the vision of Dr. Craig Wright, Satoshi Nakamoto himself, who has helped the world understand each step along the way, and why only BSV is suited to be the world’s global blockchain and digital currency.

A burst of knowledge drops

2019 saw Dr. Wright start off the year by committing himself to explaining what his vision of Bitcoin is, and what he sees for it in the future now that it’s returning to its original protocol with Bitcoin SV.

He explained to us what the Metanet would be, and how it would make BSV the global data ledger of the world. He gave a thorough explanation of how BSV can be used for payments in sophisticated ways, but also applications like protecting intellectual property. And in no uncertain terms, he explained why Bitcoin was designed to be private, but not anonymous.

Stepping up as Satoshi

Although Dr. Wright has stated in the past that he was Satoshi Nakamoto and invented Bitcoin, 2019 was the year where he really started fighting to prove that was the case. In May, he was granted his copyright claim for the Bitcoin whitepaper and original code. He also took steps to prove his claim in court, filing libel cases against those that called him a fraud, cases he expects to see a favorable end to in 2020.

His choice to seek out the courts, rather than hide from them, is a testament to what he’s always fought for in Bitcoin. Rather than seek refuge from the law, like some of the more criminal elements which have corrupted BTC, he’s tried to shine light on every truth he has to wipe away all doubt to the contrary.

Expanding the horizons of Bitcoin

A large part of Dr. Wright’s time has been dedicated to speaking at conferences, educating the world about the true nature of Bitcoin and what its potential could be.

The first major conference Dr. Wright spoke at in 2019 was CoinGeek Toronto, where he emphasized Bitcoin’s adherence to the law, how the Metanet will improve the internet, and why BSV smart contracts will make new things possible in commerce.

He then went to Bogota, Columbia, where the city government recognized him as Satoshi Nakamoto. While there, he emphasized the freedom of peer to peer payments that BSV provides, an incredibly important factor to developing South American economies.

YouTube video

At the next CoinGeek conference, in Seoul, South Korea, Dr. Wright commended all of the progress that had been made on BSV so far, encouraging the community of developers to go out and build on his creation.

YouTube video

It was around this time that the legal world had started to prove some of Dr. Wright’s prophecies correct. In October, authorities followed a BTC trail to help bust a massive child pornography ring, both proving that Wright was correct that there was no anonymity in Bitcoin’s design, and that criminals had opted for BTC. His next big appearance, taking place at the CC Forum, became a memorable event. Wright battled with BTC advocates, predicted their token would lose 90% of its price, and that they would be in trouble with the law before too long.

This elicited the memorable Pumpkin Lady response from Angelina Lazar. She was perhaps fearful that Wright was speaking the truth about another criminal conspiracy, just years removed from being punished for one of her own.

Before the pumpkin craze had time to die down, Dr. Wright was already in Tokyo, Japan, for the Bitcoin Association’s ‘BSV: Bitcoin for Business’ event. There he spoke about BSV’s utility in fighting corruption, the incentives it offers to businesses and users, and encouraged Japan to embrace the new technology, something it has not yet done. Check out the event recap on the Bitcoin Association website, with transcription contributed by Gareth Evans.

The next stop for Dr. Wright was at the Cambridge Metanet society with Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen. It was there that Wright continued to expound the superior economic theory of the Metanet, and how Google would be better served by using a Metanet model of revenue, rather than the ad-based revenue they currently profit from.

Wright and Nguyen then visited China, where they had another of their famous fireside chats. Wright used this opportunity to comment on the importance that law be determined by the people rather than code, emphasizing why BSV is built to accommodate the laws of governments rather than try to impose a new system on the world. He also spoke to the importance of tracking on the blockchain to weed out corruption.

Looking ahead to 2020

The next year is already looking like it will be game changing for Bitcoin as it returns to its original protocol in BSV, and for Dr. Wright as well. He will personally gain a large step towards vindication as court cases and long awaited developments will prove his claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

But that hardly matters when put next to what 2020 will mean for his creation, BSV. The Genesis hard fork, scheduled for February 4, 2020, will see Bitcoin returned to its original protocol as closely as possible, and allowed to scale limitlessly as he originally envisioned. As developers and enterprises increasingly catch on to what is possible on the BSV blockchain, the ways it can improve the world will become impossible to ignore.

And the best chance to see how Dr. Wright starts his 2020 will be at CoinGeek London. Focused on the future of the blockchain and what it can do for business, this event will feature Dr. Craig Wright and will be a great opportunity to hear what he believes is possible with BSV returned to his original whitepaper. If you want to be a part of this highly anticipated event, tickets are available now at a discounted price.

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