CoinGeek Zurich - Healthcare and Blockchain

CoinGeek Zurich (Samsung Hall, June 8-10) gathers speakers to talk about: Healthcare & the Blockchain

In this the 7th CoinGeek Conference there is, as ever, a truly diverse spread of speakers both in terms of area of expertise and geographically. Previous events have been held in New York, Seoul, Hong Kong, London (twice) and Toronto, so it is high time mainland Europe is paid a visit. CoinGeek organizers are pleased to announce the Healthcare & Blockchain track made up of healthcare experts, namely:

Health Care & Blockchain Pt 1: Empowering Patient Data with:

Meghann Chilcott: Vice President of Integrations, EHR Data

Zachary Weiner: Founder, VXPASS

Health Care & Blockchain Pt 2: Clinical Research Data Integrity for Pharmaceuticals with:

Dr. Robert Huber: Founder & CEO, JuvaTech

Phillip Runyan: Managing Partner, Veridat

The Healthcare sessions will delve into how the Bitcoin SV blockchain can be used to remove data silos and improve healthcare records. Panelists will engage in discussions on the opportunities that blockchain technology allow to ensure health data is unalterable, secure and auditable.

The Bitcoin SV blockchain has the unique ability to scale to hold almost infinite amounts of data – which, of course, in the case of medical records is vast. No other blockchain has this functionality.

As ever, Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of Bitcoin Association, the global industry organization which backs Bitcoin SV and one of the world’s leading Bitcoin advocates, will host the conference and lead a number of sessions.

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The conference is kindly sponsored by: Fabriik, Cozen O’Connor, SCA Ontier, TAAL, nChain, Vaionex, EHR Data and Bitcoin Association. For a full list of sponsors check out

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