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CoinGeek Weekly Livestream to feature special edition for gaming industry

For those who are unaware, on February 24, 2021, Calvin Ayre announced his decision to cease’s operations as a gambling news website after 10+ years of publishing. News and interviews surrounding the intersection of the gaming industry and Bitcoin will find a new home at and this is a positive thing—it’s a message of just how much opportunity there is for gaming in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. 

Similar to how was ahead of its time with its video content, is ahead of its time with its gaming industry content. Think of it as glimpse into the future and a golden opportunity to get educated and ahead of your competition.

Also on February 24 Kurt Wuckert Jr., CoinGeek’s Chief Historian, hosted a special CoinGeek Soon™ Livestream to discuss several big announcements within the Bitcoin SV world, including Calvin’s decision to close down Alongside Wuckert Jr., we had Connor Murray, founder of BriteVue; Alex Agut, CEO of HandCash; and Patrick Thompson, Associate Editor – North America for CoinGeek. Wuckert Jr. and his guests shared their thoughts on’s closure and the message they think it sends to both industries involved.

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“Even just in BSV a lot of the early use cases that have emerged are gambling oriented, so I think it’s really important to signal to the gambling world how big of an opportunity this is and I think him going all-in on it hopefully is a big signal to that community,” Murray opened up with.

“I think that [Calvin] still can support both things—Bitcoin and the gambling industry—by focusing just in Bitcoin. We have been going with the HandCash Connect as the gate and this is the ideal platform for online gaming—it’s incredible—you have instant payouts and its super fast, you don’t have to build your own payments network on your own…this is like doubling down and it’s great to see his commitment,” Agut added.

“I think it’s a really positive move because at this point in time education is really important. Gaming has always been a really good fit for things to happen on the blockchain, a lot of people just want that record on the chain. The other day on Bitcoin’s Got Talent there was somebody who pitched an iGaming platform saying that it solves some of the legacy problems that it has. So I think it’s important that Calvin is a name that people know in gaming,” Thompson said.

“Calvin is doubling down and that’s good…actually, I think there’s a lot of parallels there to taking that grey market that existed [in the gaming industry] and turning it into just a mainstream business today, so I think there are a lot of things to learn from that,” Wuckert Jr. said to sum up the discussion.

While Calvin’s decision to shut down might feel sad to some of us gaming industry old-timers, when you look at it through the lens of the Bitcoin SV community, the news is incredibly exciting and should hopefully inspire gaming industry professionals to get involved.

To ease gaming professionals into this buzzing world of Bitcoin, this week’s CoinGeek Weekly Livestream will have a special focus on the gaming industry and Wuckert Jr. will be answering questions live on air. As an extra special treat, I have been invited as a guest and I hope my dear friends in gaming will join me for my first official appearance since’s closure. 

Please know you do not have to be an expert in Bitcoin to enjoy Wuckert Jr.’s show, the material he covers is informative and fun, he’s such a likeable guy and you’ll certainly pick up some Bitcoin “street smarts” along the way. I have been watching this livestream each week since its inception and I hope you’ll start watching too, once you get started its impossible to stop! 

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