CoinGeek Weekly Livestream: Kleiman v Wright ‘trial of the century’ AMA

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On this ‘Ask Me Anything’ episode of the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream, Bitcoin Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr. touches on a multitude of topics including the much anticipated Kleiman v Wright trial which begins on November 1 in Miami, Florida.

Kurt who will be joined by fellow CoinGeek host Patrick Thompson in covering the trial and giving updates about the event as they unfold. Kurt advised his audience to check Twitter and other media beginning this week for further announcements.

Kurt began the episode by asserting that the Kleiman vs. Wright trial is “the trial of the century.” He describes the lawsuit as “the largest private intellectual property case in world history, worth something to the tune of $65 billion.” For a court case as such, it’s debatable not to have any media coverage, especially with 1.1 million Bitcoin hanging in the balance. 

As a Bitcoin historian, Kurt believes this trial is massive. As he points out, “It’s four years in the making with six or seven years of drama all behind it, like, who is Satoshi? What is Craig’s story? How was Bitcoin founded?” These are all parts of Bitcoin history. In fact, Kurt says he looks forward to witnessing what will be presented in court: “I am so excited about the evidence that will become public domain during the trial, and in my opinion, that’s the most interesting part of any of it.”

More questions about the trial from the audience poured in with many asking Kurt about its possible outcome. For Kurt, there are two likely scenarios. He says, “If the trial ends in a loss for Craig, there will be a turnover order, so the court will order something to happen where money starts to go to Ira Kleiman. If Craig wins, I actually don’t know what he [Craig] is talking about, like he keeps talking about, the court will move the coins, I’m going to wait and see, so I don’t know, court stuff takes a long time.”

For more insight on the result of the trial, Kurt encouraged his viewers to watch Joshua Henslee’s livestream, where Joshua names three possible scenarios that Kurt believes are very reasonable. He mentions Joshua’s third possible scenario which is a mistrial, to which Kurt assumes is unlikely to happen. But then again, he says “things happen, so be prepared for anything.”

YouTube video

Kurt also makes a short mention of Roger Ver, who he recently spoke with. Kurt said, “He [Roger] just reached out to sort of say hi and just kind of ask, like, hey, can we maybe stop having an information war against each other.” Kurt goes on to talk about Roger’s backstory and the history of how it all went down between Ver and Dr. Craig Wright.

Also discussed: whatever happened to Money Button? Expect to hear Kurt’s opinion on this topic, plus a whole lot more on this episode of the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream.

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