CoinGeek Weekly Livestream episode 7 puts spotlight on Slictionary

On episode 7 of the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream hosted by Kurt Wuckert Jr., Kurt and special guest John Pitts (also known as Jack Pitts, or @EquityDiamonds on Twitter) take a deep dive into Slictionary, the BSV-powered crowd-sourced dictionary that aims to be the most efficient word/vocabulary ecosystem ever built.

Before Pitts joins Kurt to talk about Slictionary as well as the value of data in relation to Slictionary, Kurt gives the audience a recap of some of the major events that happened in Bitcoin this week. 

Kurt begins by telling the audience about the world’s largest block—638 MB—that was mined on BSV, and then goes on to talk about the token renaissance that we are seeing take place, as well as some of the crucial infrastructure and innovation behind the token boom, like RelayX’s decentralized exchange ‘REX’ and how it works under the hood.

After summarizing the events that have taken place in the Bitcoin ecosystem since his last livestream—CoinGeek Livestream episode 6 featuring FYX gaming chief architect David Case—Kurt is joined by John Pitts, the co-founder of Slictionary.

Pitts begins by telling the audience of how he got into Bitcoin, and how he has made the journey from being, as he puts it, a “tech guy at a hedge fund,” to launching a Bitcoin business.

Pitts also explained the value of crowd-sourced definitions on the blockchain, incentivized rewards that are distributed and possible because of microtransactions, and the future he sees in Slictionary. He also fields several audience questions about Slictionary and some concerns that listeners had regarding Slictionary definitions and the importance of the origin of words.

If you happened to miss the livestream while it happened, head over to the CoinGeek YouTube channel to watch CoinGeek Weekly Livestream episode 7.

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