CoinGeek Weekly Livestream episode 23: Isaac Morehouse explains why people should get their hands on Chronos Labs’ ‘cool NFTs’

CoinGeek Weekly Livestream episode 23: Isaac Morehouse explains why people should get their hands on Chronos Labs’ ‘cool NFTs’

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For almost a decade, Isaac Morehouse has immersed himself in the entrepreneurial space, building companies like Praxis, a start-up apprenticeship program, and Crash, a one-of-a-kind career launch program. “I’ve just been really passionate about expanding human freedom,” he tells CoinGeek’s Patrick Thompson. The belief that “every individual has the capability of living life on their own terms” leads the way for Isaac to launch Praxis in 2013, a college alternative program that helps young people steer clear from college debt and find jobs in start-ups. In addition, Isaac aims to empower people through Crash, a platform that helps jobseekers land job opportunities with video pitches and skills profiles.

At the moment, Isaac has employed his entrepreneurial capabilities to assist Aaron Russell (Libs), a software developer known for building some of the handiest tools for developers in the Bitcoin ecosystem at Chronos Labs.

On this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream, Isaac talks about the “cool NFTs” created at Chronos Labs which he implores people to get their hands on—literally! Because for every NFT owned, a physical version of the digital card will be sent to the owner, provided the campaign reaches the target goal of 7,500 pounds in sponsorships before August 1, 2021. According to the Chronos Labs website, a total amount of 4,860 pounds has been raised to date.

A unique characteristic of the Chronos NFT, Isaac explains is a feature that lets people verify its authenticity. “You can go to the Chronos website where you can post in the contract number and verify that this NFT was created by Cronos,” he says. “You want to make sure that it’s probably rare.”

Isaac whose background comes from building businesses outside the Bitcoin ecosystem, is keen to point out the attributes he brings to the table in advancing companies like Chronos Labs. “We’re in the early stages of that phase where non-technical skills matter, identifying niche markets, identifying how to focus a product, identifying how to form those relationships, you know, just grunt work of sales and marketing.”

For his part, understanding the business model is key. Focusing on one customer and building from there, he notes, is the way to go. “Go find one person who can’t live without what I’m building. If you have an app that one person uses religiously every single day and they’re like, this is the greatest thing ever, it makes my life better, I think you are miles ahead of someone that has an app that a thousand people jump on and tinker with one time and then leave and never come back.”

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