Kurt Wuckert Jr. with Robert Rice at Coingeek Weekly Livestream

CoinGeek Weekly Livestream episode 10 explores future of augmented reality on blockchain with Omniscape

Imagine Ready Player 1, The Matrix and Pokemon Go all in one—that is Omniscape in a nutshell, plus a whole lot more. Creator and CEO Robert Rice talks to Kurt Wuckert Jr. about the future of AR and VR on blockchain on the 10th episode of the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream

Ominscape blends augmented reality and virtual reality together, Robert says. Soon, users can immerse themselves in a virtual world while blending in real life experiences through commerce, education and recreation, just to name a few. It also opens up endless possibilities allowing brands to interact with its consumers.

Robert compares NFTs to Omniscape’s 3D items while casting doubt on its value. With NFTs, “I’m buying a link to a JPEG somewhere that may not be there in six months,” he points out. “On Omniscape, you buy something, rest assured it’s not going away, those assets will be on the blockchain.”

Unlike NFTs, owning a digital 3D item on Omniscape links the buyer to a real world product or service. “If you have a 3D car or 3D coffee cup, you can actually go somewhere and say, hey, give me my thing, here’s the exchange.”

Another feature lets users buy a location on the app for a small fee. The user has the option to keep the location or sell it later on. A user can profit when a brand pays money to place their items in a user’s location. “Let’s say a Starbucks or Burger King comes in and they want to put their objects in a location, we’ll do a revenue share back to whoever happens to own the location.”

Not only do users get to make money, they also get a chance to score items for free or at bargain cost. Robert explains a scenario where for instance, Burger King drops 3D whoppers inside every McDonald’s in the U.S. after which users can pick up the 3D whopper and go to a Burger King instead to get the item for a discounted price. Dropping any 3D object or content anywhere in the world is one of the “cool” features of Omniscape, Robert says. And they can do it in 30 seconds in real time.

A backyard scavenger hunt or dropping a cluster of 3D items at a bar crawl are just some of the other things you can do at Omniscape, he says. The possibilities are endless. With Omniscape, “you get location, the AR and VR blend and virtual goods where physical and digital are linked together,” Robert says. “It’s a huge game changer.”

Watch the episode 10 below, and check out previous episodes of the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream on YouTube.

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