CoinGeek Weekly Livestream’s AMA shines spotlight on nChain’s Kensei, CryptoFights and Amazon

CoinGeek Weekly Livestream’s AMA shines spotlight on nChain’s Kensei, CryptoFights and Amazon

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Kurt Wuckert Jr. was back on the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream with an Ask Me Anything episode. The CoinGeek host touched on a multitude of topics on the program, beginning with the newly launched Kensei platform by nChain. Kurt describes Kensei as a “dashboard that allows a corporate client to be able to have any information that they want on the blockchain.” The information, he says, “could be anything from business documents, data, simple timestamping or it can be the backbone of something more complex.”

For years, nChain’s focus has been on Bitcoin research development, but as Kurt points out, nChain is now transitioning to becoming a more product and service focused company. “The research and development stuff on Bitcoin has been done,” Kurt notes. He believes it’s time for people to focus on “selling a product or service to the real economy and getting customers who need a reduced payment friction solution or an increased data integrity solution.”

From here, Kurt congratulates his friend David Case, lead developer of CrytpoFights and the rest of the FYX Gaming team for their recent success. At the moment, CryptoFights, which runs on the BSV blockchain is experiencing exponential growth with over half a million daily on-chain transactions and growing. Kurt briefly discussed the app’s history stating that “CryptoFights was made to be built on Ethereum and moved to BSV because only BSV can handle what they wanted it to do.”

Another hot topic discussed in the program is the news released by City AM that Amazon will start accepting BTC as payment by the end of the year, a report denied by the multinational company. CoinGeek Weekly’s executive producer Alex Moon popped in to ask Kurt’s take on the matter, to which Kurt quickly clarified the report as false. “Amazon was simply reaching out to hire a cryptocurrency or blockchain expert to do research into the payment space.” But if the report were to be true, he said, “nobody can scale to the point where you can pay for stuff on Amazon anyway.” The only blockchain that could handle Amazon’s business is BSV.

Once again, Kurt shares his views on BTC—or any digital currency for that matter—that is perceived to be, only a store of value. “We don’t need more investment vehicles in the world,” he points out. For his part, creating economic value is what truly matters. “You can’t just absorb value forever, people need to actually produce things and do work in order for there to be value to be absorbed into an asset.”

Kurt is envisaging the BSV blockchain helping companies such as Amazon solve their problems. He believes a development like such is interesting because it would mean disrupting the economy, as opposed to Amazon buying BTC to hold on their balance sheet or people getting rich “by just sitting there and begging Amazon or anybody else to buy my bag and pump them.” For his part, the end goal is “to be a product of some cool things that I did, something that I created, something that I have in some way that I improved.”

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