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CoinGeek Weekly Livestream: A special episode on the BSV Global Blockchain Convention

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The BSV Global Blockchain Convention is now just days away, and the excitement is palpable across the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. On this week’s CoinGeek Weekly Livestream, the event was the main topic of discussion, with host Kurt Wuckert Jr. and CoinGeek’s Patrick Thompson sharing their expectations and some of the panels they will host.

The conference will be held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dubai, and for many attendants, it will be their first time in the Middle East. It can get quite hot in Dubai, with May being one of the hotter months where temperatures hit highs of 38°C (100.4°F). For those not used to the hot weather, the plan is to stay indoors as much as possible, Patrick believes.

Kurt and Patrick will be very much involved with the event and will host several panels, with Kurt even appearing as a guest panelist on a panel to discuss blockchain mining on Day 3. Patrick will also be hosting CoinGeek TV sessions twice a day, where he will be talking to some of the industry’s thought leaders about their experience at the event. In addition, he intends to shoot a number of ‘More Than Money’ episodes with some of the guests who will attend the event.

The two also shared their views on some of the current news making headlines in the world of digital assets. In the past week, one of the biggest stories has been the spectacular collapse of Terra’s LUNA and UST projects. Patrick believes that, unfortunate as the collapse was, it will usher in a new era of regulations for stablecoins. So far, stablecoin projects have been acting in a Wild West, which has led to the likes of UST and even the crime-linked Tether operating with reckless abandon.

In response to a question from the audience, the two also talked about patents in the blockchain sector. For the longest time, patents haven’t been a big part of the sector, with many believing that any technology in the industry should be freely available to the entire community.

“People want everything to be freeware. They have this notion that we own blockchain technology, the ‘We Are All Satoshi.’ In my opinion, that’s a bunch of commie nonsense,” Kurt remarked. 

With the industry fully dependent on digital rights and property, from UTXOs to things like NFTs, patents should even be more prominent in Bitcoin than anywhere else, the CoinGeek Chief Bitcoin Historian believes.

On ‘what application does the BSV ecosystem need the most,’ Patrick stated that consumer-facing apps are the way to go if we’re to bring in the masses. Most people are unlikely to interact directly with supply chains or create on-chain invoices. However, if there’s a game where they can create a few bucks playing, they will undoubtedly be interested. This makes iGaming and eSports one of the biggest sectors that BSV must target (and it already is).

Kurt believes that what’s needed the most are bridges to other ecosystems. The BSV space is highly politically-minded and has a stringent view of what Bitcoin is and isn’t. However, he believes that most users beyond BSV are apolitical and just want a solution that works. Gamers who flocked to the ill-fated Axie Infinity didn’t care about Ethereum, and all they wanted was a game that makes them money, he opined.

“Basic bridging, basic layer 2 connecting stuff which work as overlay networks between multiple things, I think that’s a good thing. I like the idea of someone being able to pay with their ETH or Solana and to jump in and play Haste Arcade games,” Kurt said.

On why BSV doesn’t attract speculators, Kurt thinks that it’s because these other projects focus almost purely on marketing and selling their tokens rather than building on their networks. However, speculators are free and welcome to bet on BSV. 

“What we lack are pumpers and scammers and Ponzi schemers, but go ahead and speculate on the coin.…we just don’t have pumpers that are trying to trick retail into spending their money,” Kurt noted.

BSV also tends to be less volatile than many of these other coins, making it an unattractive asset for the day traders, Patrick added. 

It’s important for the BSV price to move, but the way to do this is through building applications that provide value to the world and making BSV a critical cog in the value chain. 

Don’t miss out the first ever BSV Global Blockchain Convention taking place at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai on May 24 – 26. Book your tickets today!

YouTube video

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