CoinGeek Seoul Conference: Watch the Day 2 livestream here

CoinGeek Seoul Conference: Watch the Day 2 livestream here

The second day of the CoinGeek Seoul Conference is upon us, and Oct. 2 is all about the business future on Bitcoin.

Day 2 will feature keynote presentations from the who’s who of the business community and how the Bitcoin SV is the blockchain to build new business models on. Expect major announcements will be made as speakers tackle new business models for BSV and blockchain—from media and entertainment to music content, esports, gaming and even property tech.

Keynote speakers include Alexander Shulgin, founder and CEO of Gruppa Kompaniy Familia; Jay Lee, CEO of ONEStore; David Case, chief architect of Kronoverse; Matt Dickson, co-founder and CEO of BitBoss; Hayato Kameta, founder and CEO of Zweispace; Lorien Gamaroff, co-founder and CEO of Centbee; and Paul Chiari, founder of WeatherSV.

There will be panel discussions on the explosion of development in China with Bitcoin SV, as well as panels on investing in the BSV ecosystem, and what businesses want to build blockchain applications.

nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright will take the stage to share the Satoshi Vision on how Bitcoin can change the world. And expect another fireside chat from Dr. Wright and Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen, where Dr. Wright will share some of his thoughts and motivations to keep developing new projects.

Download the CoinGeek Conferences app and stay updated on the latest updates. The app not only contains a detailed schedule for the two-day conference, it also features an in-app messenger that allows users to communicate with the BSV society during the event.

Watch the CoinGeek Seoul Conference Day 2 livestream here.

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