CoinGeek RoundTable pilot episode coming on July 1

YouTube video

Prepare to take a front row seat with the experts in the Bitcoin community via CoinGeek’s latest video series, the CoinGeek RoundTable.

Each episode of the CoinGeek RoundTable will let viewers take a peek inside the minds of entrepreneurs, software developers, and experts in the Bitcoin SV (BSV) ecosystem. The pilot episode, premiering on July 1, will have Joshua Henslee share the virtual roundtable with marketing consultant Heidi Patmore, Bitping co-founder Dean Little and RelayX co-founder Jack Liu to discuss the “Transaction Based Economic Era.”

Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain that can scale and process high volumes of micropayment and transaction data, which makes it the only blockchain feasible for building solutions to real-world problems. The roundtable aims to unearth the different ways Bitcoin can provide solutions.

“My hope for the CoinGeek RoundTable is to have the conversations that inspire the next generation of builders,” Kurt Wuckert Jr., who is also set to host one of CoinGeek RoundTable episodes, said. “I am so excited to help newcomers take a look at the bitcoin protocol, and it would be truly humbling if one of those newcomers built an amazing business because they watched one of our discussions.”

The CoinGeek RoundTable discussions serve as a great resource for economists, sociologists, and tech enthusiasts to learn more about Bitcoin. It will give newcomers a good idea of why Bitcoin has utility and is valuable, and will give long-time Bitcoin supporters a deeper understanding of Bitcoin as well as inspire them to create.

For Henslee, one of the goals of the panels is “to disrupt the BSV echo chamber with thought-provoking discussions.”

“We want listeners to think about new ways to innovate since Bitcoin enables new businesses that weren’t possible before, which means we need to abandon old methodologies,” Henslee said.

The first episode of the CoinGeek RoundTable premieres on July 1. Until then, we recommend you take a look at the preview to see what we have in store for you.

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