Why Ayre Ventures is focused on developments in BSV space

CoinGeek NYC sponsor spotlight: Why Ayre Ventures is focused on developments in BSV space

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With the CoinGeek Conference in New York just days away, CoinGeek caught up with Paul Rajchgod, Managing Director of Ayre Ventures, the headline sponsor of the event. Founded by Bitcoin entrepreneur and venture capitalist Calvin Ayre, Ayre Ventures invests in breakthrough technologies, including businesses built on the BSV enterprise blockchain.

The utility of the BSV blockchain has improved significantly in recent months, according to Rajchgod. And this, he said, has opened up even more possibilities for developers and entrepreneurs.

“Well, we’ve seen an explosion in the actual utility of the BSV blockchain in recent months, and that’s what blockchain is all about. We’ve been calling for this to happen for quite a while and now we’re seeing lots of entrepreneurs, gaming-focused companies and NFT platforms, and others putting lots of daily transactions on chain. But the average BSV block size has been growing from something like 5 megabytes back at the CoinGeek Zurich conference timeframe, to today around 250 megabytes on average. And frequently we see 2 gigabyte sized blocks. So, there’s a ton of growth going on and we’ve really just begun. So, it’s quite an exciting time,” Rajchgod said.

To Bitcoin businesses looking to secure funding at the CoinGeek Conference, Rajchgod said it was critical to focus on the growth strategy and the unique proposition of any business, other than it being built on BSV.

“I think it’s an incredible opportunity for businesses knowing that investors will be at the conference walking around, listening to presentations, looking to meet with companies and looking to deploy their capital. Many new investors have recently participated in funding rounds for companies that are utilizing the BSV blockchain. And we’re about to see some of those,” he said. “You’re about to see some of those names in press releases coming out soon. So, it’s really a great time and New York City a great place, for BSV ecosystem companies to be talking to investors. So, I advise management teams to seek out investor discussions and focus on your growth strategy, what’s unique about your growth strategy or strategies besides building on BSV.”

From a sponsor’s perspective, the Ayre Ventures executive said the event presents an opportunity to gain insights into BSV-powered businesses at various stages of development, as well as a platform to meet and chat with entrepreneurs and developers working in the space.

“I think it’s great to see one presentation and business update after another and see so many growth stage companies and entrepreneurs walking around in one place even if it’s online. However, it’s really great to be back to attending in-person conferences for those who could make it. It really just is a great opportunity to meet and chat with everyone. So, I encourage everyone to do that, even if you’re in the online format,” Rajchgod said.

On what makes BSV unique, he said it was the combination of industry-leading block sizes and millions of transactions with ultra-low fees.

“That’s simple, BSV’s unique superpowers are on display every day with industry leading block sizes, millions of transactions, and yet fees remaining ultralow. This is the very definition of utility and that’s what blockchain is supposed to be all about. Only BSV has it. So, you need to come and meet these companies, see the technical updates going on within the community, and invest in this ecosystem before it truly blows wide open and you’re too late.”

Rajchgod then turned to what Ayre Ventures hopes to gain from the conference, noting the group would be on the lookout for new investment opportunities within the BSV space.

“I think it’s going to be a huge success. I’m expecting lots of news and updates from companies that we’ve invested in and others that we’re in discussions with. And also for continued discussions with other investors that we’ve been sharing deal flow with. That is us sharing investment opportunities with them and them bringing us companies that they’ve invested in that are outside the BSV ecosystem and want to have discussions about joining us,” he said.

Rajchgod said that long-term businesses would need to turn to BSV to stay competitive, as the only infinitely scaling blockchain technologically robust enough to handle enterprise levels of transaction volumes. He suggested Bitcoin SV would become a much more significant tool for a number of industries and their key players in the future, on a timescale that currently doesn’t look too far into the future.

“BSV is the only infinitely scaling enterprise blockchain with its record block sizes, growing transaction volume—and we’re just getting started. We believe BSV will become such a valuable tool for massive industries that businesses will literally need BSV to stay competitive, and we don’t think that’s far away from happening.”

Catch Paul Rajchgod and the Ayre Ventures team at the CoinGeek Conference in New York, kicking off on October 5-7, both in person and live streaming online.

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