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CoinGeek New York 2021: Accountability and micropayments with Honā

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Accountability in accomplishing set goals and commitments plays a huge role in our daily lives. Consider a social platform that assists users to honor their words and achieve their goals through habit growth and collective accountability. This is the vision of George Siosi Samuels, entrepreneur and founder of Honā.

Honā is a social accountability platform that promotes consistent ‘proof of real-life work’ in one’s day-to-day life.

Day 2 of the CoinGeek’s New York conference saw Samuels take to the stage in a presentation titled, “Honā: A Social Accountability Platform Using Blockchain General,” showcasing the features and fundamental idea behind Honā.

CoinGeek New York 2021: Accountability and micropayments with Honā

Honā emerged out of a productivity accelerator group on Slack in 2016 known as The Pack. The aim was to bring people together and pursue goals collectively, much like a wolfpack in the wild. The process of interacting within such a community increased overall performance and strengthened every individual within “the pack.”

As the group flourished over the years, so did loyalty and comradery. It caused the team to take things a step further via financial incentives. This is where BSV micropayments were leveraged in order to help people further achieve their goals. Fast-forward to 2021, Honā has over one-thousand users active within their private beta.

George Siosi Samuels on stage

How does it work?

The fundamental process within Honā is streamlined through a simple commitment-based format. To begin, a user creates a commitment towards a goal or habit. These commitments can be personal or professional. Examples include writing daily for one month or exercising three times a week to achieve a work deadline or creative pursuit.

“With Honā, we are trying to help people take all their learnings, their mistakes, and help them start doing more. Helping people keep a record of all of their proof of actual work in the real world,” Samuels said.

Secondly, the user completes what Honā defines as an “accountability stack.” Unique to the platform, this is a specific way a user ‘stacks’ their requests towards a commitment. Examples of internal elements of the stack range from personal deadlines to virtues and reasoning behind the commitment. While external elements include a public proof, blockchain proof, accountability buddies, and financial staking.

George Siosi Samuels doing his speech on stage

The more users stack elements upon their accountability commitment, the more likely they are to improve their chances of achieving their goal. Thanks to BSV micropayments, users can reward themselves by staking money towards their commitment. This creates a financial incentive as a reward to complete their given commitment.

In the future, Honā aims to implement additional blockchain features such as NFT rewards and tokenization natively through the platform. Currently, Honā’s focus remains on coaching and creator groups, as well as individuals. However, Honā’s roadmap seeks to implement its process within HR enterprise space and even healthcare or addiction recovery spaces.

Personal experience

knowing is not enough George Siosi Samuels

I had the opportunity to test out Honā’s accountability methods in the recent #bitpost30 blogging challenge. This challenge was set up in collaboration between Honā and the BSV publishing platform, Bitpost. The challenge was to publish a blog post every day in September.

A private group was established within the Honā platform, in which contestants published their progress and encouraged each other in achieving the goal. Thirty out of the 65 contestants managed to post every day in September. Of those 30, the large majority were engaged within the Honā group. The group’s overall follow-through rate by the end of the challenge hit a staggering 81 percent.

In my experience, I don’t believe I would have completed the challenge if not for the collective energy, public accountability, and financial incentive within the Honā group. I have now continued using the platform in personal and professional commitments. Furthermore, my blogpost habit has remained, and I continue to publish to Bitpost daily.

The personal accountability that Honā helped formulate has played a pivotal role in my own development over the past few weeks whilst experimenting with the platform. I will continue to use Honā to further my accountability skills, as I have already seen incredible results.

Join Honā and experience reimagined accountability. Honā is currently available on iOS and will be launched on Android soon.

Watch CoinGeek New York 2021 Day 2 here:

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