CoinGeek London Conference is now just a day away

The next CoinGeek Conference is now just days from getting underway, scheduled to be held this Thursday and Friday in London. It is going to be a huge event, bringing together some of the brightest minds in the blockchain community to talk about what’s happening in the field and what cryptocurrency fans can expect through future developments. Taking center stage is Bitcoin SV (BSV), which continues to impress with its ability to prove how robust and versatile a blockchain can—and should—be. Like previous CoinGeek events, this conference is drawing a huge crowd, including media, and is a great opportunity for developers, entrepreneurs, investors and more.

Among the many participants for CoinGeek London are Dr. Craig Wright, the chief scientist at nChain and the man behind the creation of Bitcoin, Thomas J. Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisors, famed economist George Gilder, financial cryptographer Ian Grigg, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and Thomas Moser, alternate member of the governing board of the Swiss National Bank.

These are just a few of the more than 50 speakers that are on hand to appear at the conference. With so many experts and professionals on hand, it’s no surprise that there will be over 80 different media groups in attendance from around the world to cover the event. Global exposure such as this is unprecedented among blockchain conferences. 

Some of those wishing to attend the conference may be concerned about the possibility of being exposed to the coronavirus. According to U.K. media outlet The Guardian, there has only been one case of the virus identified in London, and that involved a Chinese national who had only recently arrived in the city. However, precautions have been taken to limit exposure in order to make attendees and participants more comfortable, and CoinGeek London is going to be a no-contact conference. There are also a number of ways to protect yourself if you want to take extra precautions. 

For those who can’t attend the conference because of scheduling or travel issues, or who may want to avoid the event over health concerns, you won’t be left out. CoinGeek is going to be providing a livestream of all the activity so you can feel as though you were there. Subscribe to CoinGeek and we’ll give you up-to-date news on the latest happenings at the CoinGeek Conference in London!

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