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CoinGeek Livestream holds special AMA with George Samuels, Casey Hamilton

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CoinGeek’s chief Bitcoin historian Kurt Wuckert Jr. hosted a special CoinGeek Ask Me Anything (AMA) livestream on March 11.

Kurt went live at 10 a.m. EST and fielded several audience questions that covered a broad range of topics in the blockchain and digital currency space, from how Kurt got interested in Bitcoin, to questions about digital currency mining and more.

Beyond answering audience questions, Kurt had some very special guests on his livestream. First, George Samuels, the founder of Faiā joins Kurt for a discussion that had a focus on how Tuvalu is using the Bitcoin blockchain, why they embarked on this journey, and how Faiā, nChain, Elas Digital are playing a role in the project. 

“[Our] primary goal is to use bitcoin as a national digital ledger, from which everything else in the nation can be tokenized however they want,” said Samuels, when giving some insight into the project.

Samuels provided a particularly interesting philosophy around Bitcoin providing cultural insurance and him explaining how moving into the digital realm allows Tuvalu to better preserve their culture.

Shortly after Kurt and Samuels wrap up their conversation, Kurt is joined by Casey Hamilton, who some of you may know, or recognize from Twitter (@therebelpath). 

Hamilton talks about influencer marketing, BSV, and the work that she is doing to educate as many people as possible. You can learn more about Hamilton’s mission at

Kurt and Hamilton discuss a number of topics related to marketing and education in Bitcoin. Hamilton’s perspective is refreshing because as she says, “I’m just a BSV-fan, I am a marketing person.” We are so used to hearing things from the perspective of the engineers and technologists in Bitcoin, that we sometimes lose sight of the most effective way to communicate with others—something Hamilton will have a good grasp on and why I look forward to the projects that she is currently working on.

After Hamilton left the virtual stage, Kurt answered a few more audience questions and wrapped up the show. If you did not have a chance to catch Kurt’s AMA while it was live, I encourage you to watch it on YouTube!

Whether it’s in regard to the Tuvalu government, influencer marketing in BSV, or questions that came from the audience, you are bound to learn something new.

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