CoinGeek confirms Fabriik as Platinum Sponsor for its New York Conference (Oct 5-7)

CoinGeek confirms Fabriik as Platinum Sponsor for its New York Conference (Oct 5-7)

Fabriik, the world’s first end-to-end BSV liquidity, tokenization, and transaction services provider, will be headlining the CoinGeek New York 2021 conference as its Platinum Sponsor.

Speaking about its sponsorship of CoinGeek New York, Roy Bernhard, Chief Visionary, CEO and Co-Founder of Fabriik, commented: “It’s the right time for BSV Blockchain to take center stage and New York is the innovation capital of the world when it comes to finance. That’s why CoinGeek New York is so important to us. We’re proud to sponsor such an important event for the BSV community, and the wider financial sector. And we’re excited to showcase our products and services that meet core needs for our community partners. Whether you’re looking to trade or grow your assets, tokenize on the BSV blockchain and leverage liquidity, or buy and trade NFTs, Fabriik provides a single source for liquidity and transaction utility in the BSV ecosystem.”

Fabriik will also be launching its latest innovations at CoinGeek. Eric Bernhard, GM of Fabriik Digital Objects said: “One of the products we’ll be launching is FabriikX – a one of its kind, curated, NFT marketplace that provides an opportunity to showcase the true power of tokens and what NFTs can actually do. You know, a little pixel art here, some digital art there, is just dipping a toe into the world of possibilities that creating NFTs on BSV opens up.”

Eric will be joining a panel on NFTs on day 2 of the conference and Roy will be taking the mic on day 3 to talk about Fabriik: The Future of Digital Asset Trading and a Tokenized World.

Notes for Media: 

  • Eric Bernhard will be taking part in a panel discussion on The New World of NFTs, on October 6 at 11.30 (EST).
  • Roy Bernhard will be speaking about Fabriik: The Future of Digital Asset Trading and a Tokenized World, on October 7 at 9.05 (EST).

Fabriik’s products and services include:

  • Weave API allows businesses to integrate a simple, configurable, crypto-to-crypto exchange with the front-end design of their existing site, so their customers can trade crypto without leaving their site.
  • Trading Desk, Trading API, and Market Making for investors looking to trade, grow, and convert large orders in a secure and compliant environment.
  • Tokenization services for enterprises and application developers, looking to create and issue tokens and to support token earning and redemption programs.
  • Custodial services that allow customers to store all types of assets in a secure environment, initiate actions regarding those assets, and receive reports on the status and auditability of the assets.
  • CoinGeek Conference attendees can visit the Fabriik stand to find out more about its latest innovations and speak to members of the team and you can register for the online event and visit Fabriik’s virtual booth for more information or to chat to one of the Fabriik team.

Fabriik. Reimagine Prosperity.

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