CoinGeek Conference rolls on to New York (October 2020)

Late February saw 800 delegates turning up to CoinGeek’s 5th Conference in London and the New York Conference is already open for pre-registration. Even the harshest cynic would find it hard not to be impressed with some of the innovations that are being built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Probably the most exciting announcement that was made come from EHR Data. EHR Data announced it will use the Bitcoin SV blockchain to create a Global Patient Record for the Healthcare Industry. EHR Data is a subsidiary of the National Health Coalition, created to deploy, and operate, utility to address the opioid crisis in the US. This puts the patient in control of their healthcare data. They intend to work with nChain to migrate NHC’s 41 years of healthcare experience to Bitcoin SV.

One reason why this is such an important development is it perfectly highlights the scalability of the BSV blockchain. EHR Data feels the BSV blockchain is the key to deliver a Global Electronic Healthcare Record, and, as you can imagine, this medical data will be a voluminous amount – no other ledger has the scope to handle the sheer volume.

Another exciting enterprise project came from Norwegian company UNISOT, which unveiled Seafood Chain – a supply chain management system to track seafood. It also announced its namesake UNISOT enterprise blockchain platform for supply chain management. Both products are built on the BSV blockchain.

The conference also enjoyed keynote speeches from renowned Wall Street analyst Thomas Lee, Managing Partner of Fundstrat Global Advisors. In addition to a cryptocurrency investment overview from Lee, his colleague David Grider summarised their firm’s recent market research report about Bitcoin SV and its big vision for an on-chain Internet.

Another keynote speaker was famed economist, best-selling author and technology visionary George Gilder – who talked about the power of Satoshi’s blockchain and shared how he came to the conclusion that nChain’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Craig S. Wright, is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Speaking of Bitcoin’s creator, Dr. Wright (Satoshi Nakamoto) spoke several times to correct misunderstandings about Bitcoin and detail his vision for the Metanet – a better, more commercial Internet for users powered by the Bitcoin SV blockchain. The first day of the conference also saw Paul Rajchgod, Managing Director, Private Equity for Ayre Group set out guidelines for developers and business looking for investment from Calvin Ayre.

To date Calvin’s investment portfolio includes: Tokenized, Unisot, nChain, Kronoverse, Handcash, FRNT Financial, Streamanity, Pixel Wallet, MoneyButton, TAAL, CentBee, CoinMe, sCrypt, Planaria Corp and Core Scientific.

But it is not over, Ayre Group Private Equity is ready to take on more investment.

Investment and interest in BSV is growing; why?

• Institutional investors have been on the sidelines, waiting for a proven enterprise Blockchain. With BSV, this now exists.

• Institutional money invests in businesses they hope will scale globally, with sustainable margins; in big business, you scale or you die.

• The various enhancements only on BSV, which all point to massive scaling, have started to attract enterprises big and small, and the investment is following.

See you in New York this October.

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