CoinGeek’s Bitcoin scaling conference sold out!!! Free live stream available!

The evolution will be televised: CoinGeek’s Bitcoin Scaling Conference is sold out … so we are live streaming it too!

The bad news? The CoinGeek Conference, Thursday May 30th in Toronto, is completely sold out. The conference will see some of the biggest names in the Bitcoin industry world speaking about the importance of scaling and utility but not everybody can get to Canada, right? So to the good news?: you can still watch it all from the comfort of your own home.

How does Bitcoin SV, the only blockchain protocol that adheres to the original White Paper, achieve adoption by existing financial institutions? The CEOs of Centbee, nChain and FRNT Financial will talk you through it. You want to hear about the future of Bitcoin exchanges? Listen to CoinSquare’s CEO. Sustainable mining? Core Scientific are live on your laptop. Tokenization? Covered. Accountability? Utility? Payment Services? Data Storage? All ticked, all live and ALL FREE!

You even get a fireside chat with the creator of Bitcoin himself, Dr Craig Wright, talking about his early days as alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Again free & live.

Remember to check those pesky timezones but here is the conference agenda in EST. Oh, for the record, its free.

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