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CoinGeek Backstage with Phuong Dinh: Mijem finding ways to communicate with BSV loyalty system

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CoinGeek’s Patrick Thompson caught up with Phuong Dinh of Mijem backstage at CoinGeek Zurich, fresh from his panel discussion on payments, incentives and rewards on the BSV blockchain.

For this episode of CoinGeek Backstage, He began by asking Dinh for his takeaway message on the panel, and what people should know about BSV blockchain. Dinh said he believes BSV is a very promising technology. With the conference growing in size, and attracting more interest than ever before, he forecasts a very promising future for BSV and the BSV blockchain.

On Mijem and the decision to build on BSV, Dinh pointed to the failure of BTC as a functional tool—saying that BTC is very inefficient for payments, allowing too few transactions per second to be usable at scale. He also spoke negatively of the energy consumption of mining BTC, which simply makes it an unsuitable choice for the modern world. When Dinh and the team looked at BSV in the alternative, he said they found it to be superior technologically, as well as more environmentally friendly.

Dinh described Mijem as an online platform for building communities for Generation Z. He said the aim was to build a platform that would allow people within that age range to go online, connect with others and engage in people-to-people commerce. The platform covers anything people may be looking to do amongst similar-aged peers, with the added advantage of a BSV-powered loyalty system being developed.

He described how the loyalty system pays rewards in BSV for every transaction. Successful transactions allow for BSV cashback through the system, as a form of incentive, providing value to platform users, as well as demonstrating another important commercial use case for the technology.

YouTube video

Dinh said Mijem was committed to continually growing the user base, and to finding new ways to communicate around its exciting BSV loyalty system.

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