CoinGeek Backstage with Paul Rajchgod

CoinGeek Backstage with Paul Rajchgod: The BSV startup investment ecosystem is bigger than most people think

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The Bitcoin SV ecosystem has been growing rapidly over the past few years, and today, it boasts several hundred startups, all leveraging BSV’s massive scaling to solve today’s challenges. These startups need funding and support to grow and execute their plans, and as one of the people with the best grasp of this sector, Paul Rajchgod explains to CoinGeek Backstage just how big the industry is and what he looks for before investing in a startup.

Rajchgod is the managing director at Ayre Ventures, the venture investment arm of the Ayre Group of companies. In this role, he identifies the best BSV startups to invest in, many of whom have succeeded, such as FYX Gaming, Centbee, nChain, HandCash, and TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. (CSE:TAAL | FWB:9SQ1 | OTC: TAALF).

“There’s more companies coming in the background [in addition to those getting the spotlight] that people don’t know yet. Obviously, the same is true of investors,” Rajchgod noted.

Rajchgod talked to CoinGeek Backstage host Jon Southurst in Dubai during the BSV Global Blockchain Convention. As he revealed, BSV investment firms are so many that during the panel he moderated, he only got to meet two of the panelists on that day yet they had been investing in BSV startups for some time.

Rajchgod laughed off claims that the BSV ecosystem is dominated by Ayre Ventures and that if a startup doesn’t secure the firm’s funding, it’s destined to fail. To date, company has only invested in less than two dozen BSV startups, Rajchgod said, yet there are over 800 BSV startups who are all building innovative products.

Ayre Ventures is a big fan of BSV gaming companies and wallets, he revealed.

“We like fintech as an industry. But when we’re most excited these days is when we see software companies that already have a business but are adding a blockchain layer. It’s great to see all these enterprise-focused, government-focused businesses now realizing that the promise of blockchain is here and it’s happening only on BSV,” he said.

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