Simit Naik on exciting projects nChain

CoinGeek Backstage: Simit Naik on the exciting projects under development at nChain

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On this episode of CoinGeek Backstage, Becky Liggero Fontana caught up with Simit Naik of nChain on the sidelines of the CoinGeek Conference Zurich, discussing Switzerland’s emerging reputation as a center for blockchain, and the exciting projects under development at nChain.

On Switzerland, Naik said Zurich and Zug have embraced blockchain tech, with so many companies based in Zug, advertising for Bitcoin Suisse at Zurich airport, and the emerging digital currency scene there. He said adoption and interest in blockchain is high, making it the perfect location for the conference. Naik said holding the conference in Switzerland has helped spread the message of what BSV is doing and what value the blockchain can bring—more than digital currency, there is real utility that can be delivered.

Liggero noted that PwC, IBM and others had attended the conference, which has helped gain more enterprise attention for BSV enterprise blockchain. She then asked about nChain’s current focus—a new technology platform being developed for the government of Tuvalu.

YouTube video

Naik said the brief was to deliver a digital cash solution and digital registry service for Tuvalu. He said the ambitious project was at the stage now of moving from understanding the challenges and shaping the vision to actually delivering the platform. Describing this as the flagship development for nChain, Naik said the system showcases both data and payments, a great chance to demonstrate what BSV blockchain can do.

Naik also mentioned nChain’s work in developing a system for storing and managing healthcare records on the BSV blockchain, using the immutability and smart contracts functionality of BSV blockchain to create a system for better sharing and even monetization of patient health records.

He also spoke about how nChain was currently working on an iGaming strategy, building BSV blockchain solutions for collecting, managing and monetizing data within the iGaming space.

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